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Yahoo atheist/agnostic chat room petition

Started by Whitney, June 22, 2006, 09:42:55 AM

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If found the link to the yahoo atheist/agnostic petition at This petition has been floating around the yahoo religion rooms for a little while now, but still needs a lot of signatures if it is ever going to get yahoo to pay attention. I'm making this post a sticky so in the future it will stay at the top of the page.

This petition may or may not get yahoo to create a room for atheist and agnostics, but it's worth a try. Personally, I'm tired of the religious folks asking why an atheist would hang out in the religion debate room and I'm also tired of the preaching. But, I doubt having our own room would decrease the preaching it could easily attract more.


get into a Yahoo chat room? I know it sounds stupid, and I go all over the net, but I've never been in Yahoo chat rooms. Is there a link on the home page?
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Yahoo chat is only offerd through messenger and related chat clients now (they use to have a java version but have taken that down).

Here's a link for downloading yahoo messenger:

If you decide to install, you access the chat rooms by clicking on "messenger" --> "yahoo chat" --> "join a room" it will then bring up a pop-up of room on a catigory then choose from the list...once you find a room you like just double click on it and a little ad will show then the room will open automatically.

An alternative to yahoo messenger (what I use), is ymlite: download by clicking on "full version" As far as I know, you will still need a yahoo user name in order to access yahoo rooms though ymlite, but it is faster and doesn't have ads.


I don't know about everyone else but I have a Yahoo allergy. No, bull! Whenever I go near anything with yahoo attached I end up feeling sick in the stomach. In fact I set my virus scanner and firewall to completely stop anything resembling a yahoo product touching my hard drive.

I think it comes from many efforts to strike up an intelligent conversation and ending up 'running from the room screaming' out of shear frustration (and sometimes out of horror).

My advice - stay away from Yahoo Chat Rooms (you don't know where they've been)!
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lol  I gave up on intelligent conversations with yahoo users quite a while ago (well, except for a few atheists and agnostics I've met on there).  

But, I is junk (part of why I don't even touch messenger anymore and I'm moving away from yahoo mail)  I only have my account now to chat with people I know who only use yahoo.  Still, would be nice if yahoo would at least acknowledge that atheists and agnostics want their own chat room...the principle of the thing.


Yeah, I don't like Yahoo much, either. I just browse the answers thing every once in a while because at work, I don't do anything and get bored. But I'll sign the petition on principle, because that's discrimination. In the religious get a chat room, the irreligious should, too.
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