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Completely random question

Started by Court, June 29, 2006, 08:21:37 PM

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The chances are slim, but does anyone have experience or know anyone who knows about the English Lit program at St. Louis University in Madrid? I've been looking at getting my masters abroad before getting my doctorate, but I don't really want to go to England, because I'm afraid it will all be Brit Lit, and my favorite authors are American. :wink:

I'm wondering if the Madrid campus has a good Am Lit program. Will it be looked down upon when I apply to top-notch school for my doctorate (like Duke, Harvard, Stanford, U Penn, U Chicago, etc)? Is the campus in St. Louis unbearable, because I have to take summer classes there.

And, does anyone know of good (like, really good) schools that have campuses abroad where I can study English? Or that have extended (at least a semester) study-abroad programs?

Random, I know, but I figured I might as well ask. :D
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I don't know much about any of those schools.  However, all colleges seem to like to push their students to be well rounded...certainly studying abroad would be a plus in this way.  

How soon do you have to apply?  You could contact each of those schools and ask them about their programs and what they think about degrees from places like Madrid.  You could also contact the universities in England to see if they offer American lit.