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Help! Anyone know php really well?

Started by Whitney, June 29, 2006, 08:50:51 AM

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I'm trying to write a mod that will show the php pages as html for the bots to be able to search and knowledge base, links etc easier.  One for doing this to the portal and forum came pretty much preloaded..i just had to change one file.  However, I want the knowledge base and especially links page to also be bot friendly.  (links page needs to be bot friendly so I can participate in automated link exchanges)  I especially need to get this to work on my other site ( but would be nice to get it on this site too.

More info about my issue:
(no one on the support forum has offered any suggestions yet)

So, anyone an expert in php?  I'm just learning and very lost on this issue.

Also, if anyone would like to look at my coding to help me figure out why the bars on the forum aren't streatching across (notice annoying white space and mis-aligned tables)...that would be great.  I don't know why they aren't working properly...I don't even remember touching the code on this page. (edit...problem with bars solved, I just need to change a tiny bit of code :) )