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Started by Bluenose, November 27, 2017, 12:53:20 PM

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I certainly heard the "Limey" story as a kid but the origin of "Pommie" is a new one on me.

I also remember wondering if us Brits were the only ones sensible enough to recognise an essential element (later called vitamin C) was missing for a constant diet of fish, salted meat and ships biscuit. Did other nations simply put up with the effects? I am sure the Spanish, French and Portuguese navies had a pretty bad collonial behaviour records as well, wonder if they had derogatory nicknames?
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As far as lime juice is concerned, Leut James Cook was one of the first to insist his sailors took a daily ration.  He suffered no fatalities from scurvy amongst the crew of the Endeavour until he reached Batavia.  An unheard of feat in the 18th century.  As a matter of interest the Navy, or at least the RAN, still issued "limers" to sailors until at least the 1980s (probably still do).  This was a cordial of lime juice and electrolytes.  When Melbourne was in the tropics, the boiler rooms would get to 50-60°C or more and the stokers would be required to drink at least a litre of the made-up cordial per half hour during their (shortened) 2 hour watch to maintain their bodily fluid level.
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Quote from: Icarus on December 01, 2017, 11:54:54 PMThe tale works.................I can tell you with certainty that we yanks hold the Brits and the Ozzies in high esteem in these troubled times. The world is seriously fucked up and we need to stick together, and we who are paying attention do regard the Pommie Bastards and the Ozzies as our valued allies and we feel a valued kinship to them. (disclaimer; That last sentence applies only to those of us who have some sense of world community and those who do not have our heads up our asses)

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I don't hold any grudge towards the Japanese,
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Germany seems to have been collectively repentant for a log time.
I don't understand why Russia dropped Gorbi and took up with Vlad.
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India, hard to beat at home on their own pitches, wicked spinners.
China, ben elephant, trade good for all, don't why some doubt 'em.

"The world is seriously fucked up and we need to stick together"
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Quote from: Dragonia on November 29, 2017, 01:54:41 PM
Most Deadly______ In The World. -- just fill in the blank with your favorite venomous creature.

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I don't  knew why you say these things.  I mean apart from the most venomous snakes in the world, and giant bull ants and crocodiles, and blue ringed octopuses, stonefish, box jelly fish and Irukandji, cone shells, sword grass, great white sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks and sundry other insects, cassowaries, giant red kangaroos and emus and so on, hardly anything is out to get you...
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