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when children are faced with psychological deadends

Started by Achaios, May 06, 2010, 07:51:24 AM

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First a little introduction so you can have a view of the situation here.
I was born in Greece, which, as may some of you might know is a Christian nation. We do have an official religion; by official I mean that Christianity placed upon us in our Constitution in the way that Greek equals Christian Orthodox. Up till about 7 years ago, our religious belief was printed on our ID cards! :headbang: ) someone who must be stoned to death etc. I do not know what to do. What is your opinion on this? How would you handle a situation where if you say to someone "do not say these things to kids" for this and that reason might get you banned from their house?


You could try to encourge her to use "Jesus's love" rather then god's wrath. While I think religion ingeneral is unhealthy I think having religion for god's love is alot healthier then being scared into it for fear of god's punishment. The lesser of two evil as it were.
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Depending on where you think your place is on discussing religious with your could tell them that between you and them that you think jesus is just something old people like granny made up to keep them in line so to not worry themselves over it.  Then tell them that they should be good because it makes you and their parents happy and that's what they should want for people you love.


funny how your case is an everyday thing here in my country. i am raising a 5-year old and when her mother (my wife's a catholic) uses that tactic, i tell my kid about the golden rule. i talk to my kid like i would a grown up.
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