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Russia invades Ukraine.

Started by Tank, February 24, 2022, 09:39:43 AM

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Dark Lightning

I've always tried not to buy goods made in China, because it's usually shit. This isn't helping. I feel sorry for the people of Ukraine.

billy rubin

thechinese areverygood at some thi gs.

but im cutting out metals, tools, household items, clothing (if any) hats shoes officesupplies


pens and pencils


dim sum

set the function, not the mechanism.


We have our very own, capable, sorcerers who do not need Ukrainians to help develop bio weapons.

The notion of having migratory birds transmit the biologicals is far fetched horse shit dreamed up by sick and desperate minds. 

Someone has gone back in time to embrace an old and corny joke with a moral.. The claimed bio will be transmitted by bird shit one would presume.........The joke is that you should never mess with the Foo bird.  If you offend him he will shit on your arm. If you try to wipe or wash off the foo shit, you will experience unbearable, fiery, pain. You are best advised to leave it in place, on your arm. The moral to the story is: If the Foo shits, wear it.


The accusation works well for Russia though, if they choose to unleash biological weapons against Ukraine. Just strike any random building in the middle of a city with both conventional and biological weapons, then claim that it must have been a secret laboratory, and the Ukrainians are being killed by their own bioweapons.
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billy rubin

remember the incendiary bats of ww2?

possibly apocryphal.

the japanese used biological vectors to distribute plague in china.

if youre ever thinking that the japanese were treated harshly at hiroshima and nagasaki, do some reading on unit 731.

war brings out thw worst in human beings

set the function, not the mechanism.

billy rubin

well heres a recap for the end of the world, i guess

russia has reverted to type, and has become a totalitarian state bent on empire. they do this every hundred years or so?

putin has misjudged his military, the west, his own preparedness for isolation, and the determination of his neighbors. the post cold war bubble has burst. or rather, it burst back in the 1990s, and the west was too invested in making money out of russia and the temporary world order to see the warning signs. russia has made a play for empire using conventional weapons, and has stalled. ukraine cannot win politically or militarily, but can do a finland, maybe, and drive the russians out while not losing all of their country.

so there is crossroads ahead:

-- putin declares some kind of victory and leaves ukraine after extracting concessions, and we enter a new world order

-- putin uses tactical nukes/chemicals to win militarily, and we enter a new world order

-- putin makes a mistake by entangling NATO, and we have a broader war and a new world order

-- putin goes postal with ICBMs and any new world order is irrelevant

the common denominator is that we're back in the cold war, no matter what happens, with everybody's fingers tapping nervously next to th enuclear buttons. how long will putin tolerate the economic ruin of his country before he decides he has nothing to lose and ups the ante? when he does place the bet, how high will he go?

when i was a teenager i expected to be blown up before i became an adult. now that im an adult i t seems that my prediction wasnt wrong, just delayed.

set the function, not the mechanism.


As of right now, given the stack against them, the Ukrainians are winning the war. At this point their main goal should be to avoid defeat and, thanks largely to the incompetence of the Russian military, they are doing very well on that front.

It's hard to believe that the Russians are fighting the way they have up to now. Their inability to utilize the technology they flouted for years is really incredible. Special forces making daylight raids against defended areas and getting absolutely thwacked was truly amazing. For years the Russian propaganda machine toured their night vision capabilities but it seems they left them on the shelf for fear they might be broken and never bothered training anyone in how to use any of it.

It's a lot like 1914 right now. Instead of running out of rifles and boots and artillery shells they are unable to use the equipment of a modern war. But the story seems the same. In some respects they don't have what they need and what they do have they are unable or unwilling to use. So now they are taking heavy casualties because of failures to plan.

Hopefully there is a deescalation. If the Russians grow desperate enough to up the ante from here it could turn very bad very quickly.

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billy rubin

i dont see putin willing to de-escalate.

what does he gain, personally?

of course, theres always th epossibility that he will be removed from power.

cant gauge th eprobabilities of that. so far, his disinformation teams control the public narrative. it would have to be one of his buddies who removes him, and that doesnt seem likely.

set the function, not the mechanism.


Cyber hackers like Anonymous, Squad 303, and some damned clever Ukrainian cyber wizard's are fighting back against Putin and his minions. Some American cyber dudes have joined the fray.
Disrupting such fundamentals like Russian TV and internet will be the undoing of the savage Putin in the long run.  In the meantime we, and mostly the Ukrainians, are suffering the result of the madman's war.

Will the Russians soon run out of munitions such as the ones being used to reduce Mariupol to ruins while murdering thousands of innocent citizens?

The U.S., Germany, UK, and others are supplying munitions to the Ukrainians. One must wonder whether we and they are setting ourselves up for a lack of defensive or offensive weaponry.


billy rubin

iraq, not ukraine.

in america the invasion of iraq is not questioned. the locals phrase the invasion of a country which had not attacked the united states as "defending our freedom . . ." as if saddam hussein had been capable of threatening it.

in america, our enemies are actually within

at any rate, im wondering about the parallels between the united states invading iraq in 2003 with putin's war against the ukraine. putin is a butcher, without a doubt. but just how similar is his rationale for his invasion to what we in america did not so long ago?

politically iraq was a disaster. removing the odious saddam hussein allowed isis to appear and grow, and upset the balance of power in the region that was soon filled by iran, which has proven a far more dangerous mischief-maker. i recall this was not a secret, and was predicted well beforehand.

in the ukraine, in my opinion, putin needs to be stopped short as soon as possible, but that isnt going to happen.

my predictions:

-- putin will regroup under different military commanders and squash the dornbos, partitioning the ukraine into russian vassals in the east and a weakened ukrainian republic.

-- putin will murder many more civiiians and deport large numbers of them into a new gulag in the east as hostages

- he will declare victory, and claim any continuing ukrainian attacks as unprovoked aggression while he exploits th eindustrial and mining centers in the south and east of the ukraine

- in a few more years, he will repeat 2022 on the rest of the ukraine. unless thwarted now.

none of ^^^this is certain, and can be modified by the western sanctions draining putin of money he needs to pursue this plan, by a regime change in russia, or by a miracle on the ground in the ukraine.

in th eend, putin will not win. but neither will the ukraine.

globally, the sanctions will impverish russia and turn it into a welfare state dependent on china. this is well within china's interest in dominating th epacific while keeping russia on life support to distract the west and absorb its political will there. chine, russia, and various small totalitarian allies will form a political bloc to counter the western democracies, and will be alternately aided and hindered by the shifting whims of the nonaligned nations in africa, asia and the neotropics, as well as india.

we're looking at a new cold war, with new players and a new playing field.

all statred out by putin's delusions of his own hegemony and a war in the ukraine.

thank you for listening.

set the function, not the mechanism.


^that reminds me of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".
The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract.
Robert A. Heinlein

billy rubin

dropped off a load of steel tubing in chicago. they had a long crate in tje yard. went over and read the label

wont be many more of these for awhole. no indication of which plant it came from. i wad curious as to whethrr it was mariupol, but no way to tell

set the function, not the mechanism.


Who's there is interest to give money to Ukrainian forces ? It's legal to do so in the majority of countries of the world.

Who's there is interest to write emails (Or letters and why not a public one) to politicians in European Union/AU/CA/CH/JP/NO/NZ/SG/UK/US (Not forget others countries that put sanctions) to suggest them new ideas of sanctions against Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus ?

When I say politicians in European Union. I'm speaking about those working for countries member of this union and those working in European institutions.

There are many potential targets like MP of national parliaments and MP of European parliament.
There are also head of states , prime ministers (Vice-president in some countries , some countries have one vice-prime minister or more) , members of governments , people (Businessmen for example) for which we know they have links with a person of interest (A MP in a national parliament for example) because these people can potentially influence people of interests.

I listed only a fraction of potential targets for which we can send emails or letters.
It's better to write to politicians of a country if you're a citizen of this country.
It's better to write to politicians working in European institutions such European commission if you're a citizen of an EU state.


Darya Dugina: Daughter of Putin ally killed in Moscow blast

"The daughter of a close ally of Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been killed in a suspected car bomb.

Darya Dugina died after an explosion on a road outside Moscow, Russia's investigative committee said.

It is thought her father, the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin who is known as "Putin's brain," may have been the intended target of the attack.

Mr Dugin is a prominent ultra-nationalist ideologue who is believed to be close to the Russian president."

Assassination attempt.
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billy rubin

bringing the war home to moscow is an inevitable step in stopping it.

so far the war has been far away  for the russian general populace and putin has cpntrolled the narrative.

i deny that any war is not terrorism, so i am not disturbed at this new development.

set the function, not the mechanism.