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Solar Powered Generators

Started by Biggus Dickus, February 10, 2022, 02:51:09 PM

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Biggus Dickus

I've been seriously considering buying a solar power generator to use for the home in case of a power-outage.

Last year we had a power-outage due to a huge storm that rolled through the area that left us without power for close to 5 days.

I want something strong enough to run a couple of portable heaters if needed during the colder months, as well as to power up phones and laptops as well as run the refrigerator.

I'm thinking due to my power requirements that I would need more than one, especially due to the large amount of watts needed to run our large refrigerator with combined freezer.

I'm also considering purchasing a smaller refrigerator as well that I could use in case of a long power-outage like we had last summer. (So instead of keeping the regular refrigerator running on the solar generator which would probably require 2000 watts a day, we could transfer food items from the regular refrigerator to the smaller one, and only power up the small one during the outage, and there by using less wattage)

So I thought to post this to see if anyone else here at HAF currently uses or has any experience with solar generators.
I don't want to use or rely on gas powered generators because of the noise, and having to then purchase gas separately and refill (I have an old one, but it died on me, need to find a good small engine mechanic to look at it); plus with the solar generators which are basically batteries you can have them charged and ready to use just by plugging them into your home, and they can then hold that charge for up to 10-12 months.

Here's a decent little article on the subject.

Anyway your thoughts, and comments would be appreciated. :notes:
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Old Seer

Be careful. What they say is a solar generator is really a solar panel charging a battery. The term ,generator, makes it seem like more then what it is. A lead acid battery's (gel cell is equal) top charge is 12.7 to 12.9 volts. That is not very much current and the panel won't sustain the battery very long. These setups are all over the Quartzite AZ overwinter camping grounds at the moment. They're not what one thinks they are. They are a basic solar system the same as any solar system in use today. The word "generator" is the trick it's not a generator as people see generators. I have a DC system in my travel trailer in operation right now and use it every day. I do not use solar  as the cost is equal to buying enough gasoline for 4 years.
I have 4 standard auto batteries continually in use for DC lights but also am connected to the power grid. I have a standby engine driven 60 amp DC alternator for when camped out and 2 DC to AC power inverters for AC.
OK- To run the DC bimetal cooler takes all the dc power in the fully charged batteries over a 7 hour period and have to run 1.75 hours to recharge. (I'm presenting this so you'll understand the problem.
When camped out I run the alternator to recharge the batts that were being used through the night for the cooler. I again have to run just past noon, and again in the evening, and again just before rack time.
The system you have in mind is about 1/10th of the system I have and will never power you house unless you add about 8 more batteries and 6 solar panels. But, with the alternator it's a 100% DC system if I need to. Solar panels normal are 5 amp output each, and expensive ones will do 10 amps each. That will never power a house very long and the panels won't output enough to keep up with demand. Running a 1000 watt heater will kill one battery in about 5 minutes or less.
So, I recommend a 7500 watt or more engine driven generator run on propane if you have a 300 gal tank. If not keep 20 gals gasoline on hand and replace every six months. Gasoline deteriorates in about 18 months. Propane is already deteriorated and useful for years, and millions of years old.
Then again. The ultra rich campers at quartzsite  have up to 12 solar panels and 12 deep cycle batteries,plus will still run the gas gen form time to time. The gas gens have a 10 amp DC charger built in.
If you do the research you'll find that what they're selling as solar generator and nothing more then a battery in a case with a AC inverter with one or more solar panels, and is just a basic solar setup. They're excellent for tent camping and can be recharged off an auto.
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billy rubin

we use solar in the henhouse. self contained unit. the chickens are still laying even now in the middle of winter

now that panels are cheaper im thinking of switching tbe house light to solar

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