Responsive Theme on HAF for Mobile Phones

Started by Recusant, July 25, 2018, 12:07:20 PM

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We installed a Tapatalk mod which allows people to more easily view HAF on their phones over a year ago. However Tapatalk, while effective, has some drawbacks. An alternative is a "responsive" theme, which recognizes whether you're on a laptop/desktop computer or a phone, and adjusts its display accordingly. A few months ago a responsive theme was installed on this site, and it appears to be working well and not bothering the site. The theme is called "vVide."

To switch to this theme: Click on "Profile"

From "Modify Profile" choose "Look and Layout."

The top option is "Current Theme." Click the "change" link. You'll find "vVide" on the resulting list. You're given the options of previewing it and using it there.
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Does it see tablets as phones or laptops?

Um, why don't I just suck it and see . . .

Naw, prefer the default - 'cept wish there was a colour change option and the ability to enlarge text size without expanding and scanning.
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I'm using the vVide theme, which is way more phone-friendly than the default. It does have its drawbacks though, such as not having icons for some buttons like 'embed a youtube vid' or 'add a spoiler tag', which are add-ons if I'm not mistaken. Besides this issue, everything else seems to work fine.  :thumbsup:

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