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Started by familyfarm, June 19, 2018, 12:45:13 AM

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Quote from: Arturo on June 19, 2018, 01:48:42 AM
Hello and welcome to the forum!

If I may ask are you familiar with the English language? Early on I thought you were the guy in the picture because you said "I never took it as seriously as I loved her." Then as I read I started to think otherwise and that was confirmed when I saw the female symbol on your profile here.

But it's nice to meet you and it seems we have had a lot of similar interests! I do also study religion for coping mechanism but identify as an atheist.

It's nice to know that you support your child in that way as well! :D

Sorry for the confusion on that. I do speak both English and Italian fairly fluently but am also getting old with senility closer every day  :). I was speaking of my grandmother.

The handsome dude in the photo is the best part lol; really glad it was the one you noticed first. He is Catholic but we've spent over a decade debating it for hours with some interesting roads. I've been trying to get him to check out the forums as he's a very intellectual and logical person with a different view based on his being brought up outside of Rome.

Thank you so much for the welcome.


Quote from: Tank on June 19, 2018, 06:09:09 AM
Hi :)

Loved your intro. So you're a lady of German origins and have always live in the USA all your life?

Welcome to HAF.


Born and grew up in Niagara Falls. Never saw Italy before 2007 to meet my husband after exchanging language sessions and emails for about a year.  Moved in 2009 to Italy with the kids. Then got a real crash course in Italian. No one could speak English in the village we lived. Not one person. Kids learned Italian in school there.

Thanks for the welcome  :)


Thanks all very much for the warm welcome  :spock: :)

Will jump on soon. Spending tons of time ripping out carpets, finishing floors and painting. Bbq and beer [wine] time!  :yes!: