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DSL vs Satellite, what to expect?

Started by KDbeads, May 06, 2011, 12:27:39 AM

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Ok, we are having to go to satellite in about 3 weeks.  Uhm..... I have to pick a plan.  Kinda need help since I've only ever had DSL or cable.....
What should I expect???  And is it worth the money to upgrade to the higher plans??  Is it always on or do I have to log in every time I sit down?

We have above average internet usage, I upload to my website often, we don't actually download a whole lot but the potential is there.  I do a lot of surfing for research and am always running over pdf files.

So options?  What have I gotten myself into?
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I've never used satellite internet before but when we switched from cable to fiber optic we just looked at the promised internet speed and selected that way. 

Assuming they don't charge extra to upgrade later or for over-use fees you could try a lower plan and pay for more later if needed.


If you are an online gamer, you may expect a slight lag with many satnet providers. Otherwise, in my very European experience, speed costs more when it's orbiting the Earth rather than being dug into it. (Basically, you pay more for kbps)
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