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Michael Shermer’s Nephew Rocks Christian but then he rolls o

Started by Victoria_R, October 27, 2010, 05:09:53 PM

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Michael Shermer’s Nephew Rocks Christian but then he rolls over?

Just skip to 3:58 as Michael Shermer’s nephew pwned’s this christian theist in the streets.

With that said, how are we to respond to a theist that re-join's in the conversation the way this one does? I have never seen things get turned around so fast, it is actually quite upsetting and I think we should all take a lesson here to learn their little trickeries along way.

Should Shermer’s nephew really forfeit the law of non-contradiction? (He does so in a earlier clip). And how is it that this guy...(the christian) is using logic and science as if it proves it is on his side or something?

I have removed the Youtube hyperlink on this post. Please read the forum rules on first posts. Regardless of intent, if your first post is simply a cut and paste job of some type, without any other introductory remarks, it is considered spam. This same post, simply cut and pasted, was posted in at least two other forums, both times as first posts, by Victoria_R