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Any text claiming to be from God is likely to not be.

Started by CHOOCHOO!, March 27, 2010, 03:12:26 PM

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Suppose there exists an all knowing, all powerful, all loving god.
Suppose said god might want to communicate with its creation.

Consider the method of inspiring a person or a small group of people to write texts containing his word:

    - The text created by this method does not contain information that legitimately distinguishs the text as being from the god, such as scientific knowledge that was unknown at the time.
    - As such, there is no way of distinguishing it from a text written by any random person.
    - Hence, any number of people can write such texts and have them claim to be from the god, and its impossible to say which one, if any, is actually from the god.
    - In addition, since the texts are around before the time of mass communication, they can be edited, and the original version lost forever.

It is fair to say that such a method is an extremely unreliable way of communication, close to the point of being worthless.
Hence, it is also fair to say that it's unlikely to be used by an all powerful, all knowing god who ACTUALLY wanted to communicate with its creation.
Therefore any such text which claims to be from god is likely to not be from god.

Is this line of reasoning solid?


I think "likely" is a bit of an understatement.  :D