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Islamic Punk

Started by skurry, August 11, 2009, 08:19:56 PM

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This was on CNN's front page today; ... newssearch

QuoteTheir risqué lyrics and provocative song titles such as "Sharia Law in the USA," "Suicide Bomb the GAP" and "Rumi was a Homo" -- a protest song against homophobia in the American Muslim community

Isn't this contrary to what Punk is? Islam is known for having the most restrictive laws, and Punk Rock is known for anarchy. Punk is also known for (at least it has been more recently) for being accepting of alternative sexualities. Obviously I think Punk Rock is against blowing themselves up, even if they are supporters of thrashing yourself around until you injure yourself.

This reminds me of the White Power Movement using music and parties to recruit young people. It's kind of nerve racking. I hope this doesn't grow.

Side note; System of a Down's singer is/was Muslim and you could hear that in both his lyrics a bit and the style of music, although I think he is very liberal in terms of the traditional Muslim. However, I have not discombobulated his lyrics fully.

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