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Are Blacks & Whites TRULY equal?

Started by Kevin, January 12, 2009, 01:19:56 AM

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Quote from: "curiosityandthecat"
Quote from: "McQ"Folks, please do not immediately flame him/her (no one has done so yet, just asking that no one does). Let's understand first. A reminder has been given, so let's relax a bit, please.  :blush:

(I hate you so much)

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Quote from: "Taavi"Races are not equal ,if we watch the IQ.
Average IQ of:
Asian is 110
White is 100
Black 75 - Doesn't matter if he/she is living in U.S or Africa.

I'm not racist,It's just racist fact.

What is *racist fact" when its at home :raised: ?
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Quote from: "Kevin"Just to clear it up before anyone starts thinking this, I am not racist and I believe it's wrong to be racist... And I'm from Kentucky, so that's good xD

In the past 100+ years, the U.S. has come a long way when it comes to racism. Went from Blacks being slaves and saw and thought of as property, to them being free but still had a lot of restrictions, to segregation and the racism dramatically lowering, to where we are now, a minimal of racists... Well, at least people who admit it.
But are Blacks (I don't say African American, cause MOST aren't) and Whites TRULY equal?
When it comes to political terms, I do believe so, unless there is like some weird law or act I don't know about, then yes. But socially, NO.

I don't understand how it's like Blacks and Mexicans (for example) can say certain things and it be fine, but if a white person says it, its racist... Like for example, the "N word". I'm not saying that I should be able to go around and call every black person I see one, but I just don't see why Blacks can go around and say it to even a white guy and it be fine, but if I say it, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE OH SHIT RACIST (most likely). I know that is was an offensive term used a while back, but I thought the U.S. was past this... People really shouldn't care, it's just a word... I mean come on, someone calls a white person Honky, it's fine, or Cracker, but white's can't say the "N word"... Now according to South Park, white people just don't understand, but that's not the point... Lol wow I can't believe I said that much on it...

Then again, like certain jokes... White people can't really say SOME black jokes, but blacks can say like any white joke (even if they ALL suck...)... I just find this stuff amazing.

Now, I am NOT saying that all whites should go around calling blacks the "N word" freely and whenever, because that would just start conflict, and it would kind of ruin the word, but it should not not be ok if a white person does, or says a black joke or something like that... Know what I mean? American society is weird...

Amazing and unimportant since most of the authors of these Jokes lack integrity to begin with.


What shall we do with "Blazing Saddles"? It's one of my fave movies. Co-Wrtitten by Richard Pryor before he reputiated the N word. It's full of N**r but to me It's THE  Un-racist movie ever. ('Course it's homophobic and has the horrbly mysogynist line about liking rape, but that's a whole 'nother topic.)
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