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Jamie Lynn Spears

Started by TheFightSong, February 08, 2022, 12:37:32 AM

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Here is another spoiled brat in America. She leeched off of her sister's, Britney Spears, money. Her abusive father neglected Britney until she became psychologically unstable and made people think she was crazy through gaslighting via a conservatorship. He, then, took her money and gave it to Jamie Lynn Spears. It is why she was living in luxury during the pandemic. Britney Spears is the one that was victimized that worked hard for money while neglected and abused by her leeching family. Now, Jamie Lynn Spears is going to be a pretentious clown by having her new book be publicly released this year. It has already been released by the way. Ugh... another reason why I want to get out of America that enables people to be this way and renounce my citizenship as soon as possible. I would never want to raise my hypothetical children in this uncivilized dumpster fire country.