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Hey, Here's Some Good News

Started by Recusant, July 27, 2020, 06:37:24 AM

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Hat-tip to Harry Shearer for this one. I don't know if I've ever mentioned his Le Show before. It's a radio show/podcast that he's been doing for donkey's years, or for yonks, as the British might say. I've been listening to him on the radio since way too long ago, but mostly catch his show online these days.

Le Show |

As for the good news, Here it IS!  :nyancat:  (I tried making the link in pink, but it doesn't work on a light theme):

"Former 'ex-gay' leader who lobbied Mike Pence against equal marriage reveals he's marrying another man" | PinkNews

QuoteA former 'ex-gay' lobbyist who once rubbed shoulders with Mike Pence and George W Bush has apologised to the LGBT+ community for his past work and is planning on getting married to a man.

Randy Thomas had served as vice president and national spokesperson for the now-defunct Exodus International, a once-powerful proponent of conversion therapy in the US rooted in a fundamentalist Christian worldview.

Thomas, who first came out as gay in 2015, apologised for his past work in an emotional interview with Truth Wins Out.

[snipped fairly detailed description of Mr Thomas's career as a "former" gay opponent of equal rights for LGBT+ people]

Despite once fighting tooth and nail against equal marriage, Thomas now plans to marry his partner, Dan Scobey.

The pair, who live in Orlando, founded their own non-profit, Thrive LGBTQ+, which works to "confront religion-based stigma"and oppose "attempts to change or repress LGBTQ+ people's innate sexuality and identity".

[Link to full article.]

A cynical person might say that Mr Thomas hasn't changed all that much. Still a grifter.  :ppe:
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