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Joan Baez Farewell Tour

Started by Dave, March 02, 2018, 10:53:13 AM

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You know that I am not a music fan but, being my age, it would have been impossible for Joan Baez not to have come to my attention. Though I was a serviceman and she was a peace promoter I felt the full impact of her songs. And the effect she had on American opinion on the Vietnam War.

I turned the radio on whilst shaving, just happened to be Joan being interviewed on "Woman's Hour". She still has a good voice (for a 76 yo) as she proved right there in the radio studio.

It is difficult finding the videos I wanted, but here is one early one for the non-Baez generation, if there is such a thing., and a memory for us "youths of the '60s"!

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If angels existed, they would sound like Joan.
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If angels existed they'd sound  like Linda Ronstadt.  After she became influenced by Nelson Riddle she blossomed.

Too damned bad that she and her voice was wrecked by Parkinsons.


Joan Baez was wonderful.  Who is this Linda Ronson, anyway?


OG Ronstadt was one of the more talented American female vocalists of the 90s.  She was originally a pop singer in nondescript bands.  Nelson Riddle was one of the more formal band leaders, composers, arrangers of the time.  He and Linda somehow came together and he tutored her in the more disciplined musical methods.  She achieved short lived fame but is still  a revered artist by the older set...............There are numerous music videos on you tube that have Ronstadt as the principal artist.

If you would care to explore some of the Brit vocal talent, dial up You Tube to find Alice Freedenham.  She is a torch singer of commendable ability. ......Damn there is so much talent out there that we can scarcely discover how fortunate that we are to have  them.


I heard a radio interview of Linda Ronstadt a few weeks ago recorded in her last visit to Australia.  She came across as a really lovely person and it is such a pity that she suffers from that nasty condition that effectively robs her of her ability to sing.  She was one of my favourite singers back in the day, but I thought it was earlier than the 90s.

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