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Started by MommaSquid, August 02, 2006, 02:39:34 AM

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Big Mac

Quote from: "onlyme"Fair comment, Bigmac

But I still admire all the other soldiers who are where they are (I agree, because of cold, hard presidents), and who feel they are neglected or unappreciated.  I can't agree with you that supporting our troops is nonsense, even though I disagree with the reason for the war.

A lot of soldiers I know can't stand hearing that garbage. Even my supervisor at work was in the Army for 7 years and we joked about how much we hated when people would come up to us and say "THANK YOUUUUUU" like some retarded child. I didn't want people's thanks, I wanted them to leave me the fuck alone. Especially children, man I hated hearing them come up to me so much. I was tempted to head butt a couple to make a point.

As you can tell I basically hate kids.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?

Asmodean Prime

Of course its obvious you hate kids, Bigmac, but would it feel any better for you if I said:

Then go and get your sorry, brown ass blown to smithereens, and who gives a toss when you are crying for your mother with your legs blown off?  If you are truly in it for the money, that is, if you can blow some other mother's son away because it pays well, then you deserve all you get when it goes pear shaped for you.,

It can't happen to you?


This is just a hyptothetical sutiation, mind you.  But it COULD happen, and probably WILL happen, given enough time and circumstancees.

Which scenario do you prefer?

Big Mac

Eh, like I said, if the money and the  cause is decent enough, I'll do it. Besides the people they would most likely put me up against probably had it coming to them. I'm a high-mach, so you have to think like me to understand me.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?


Quote from: "onlyme"... when it goes pear shaped for you...

What the hell does that mean?

Big Mac

Quote from: "MommaSquid"
Quote from: "onlyme"... when it goes pear shaped for you...

What the hell does that mean?

Nothing, like the rest of his posts, it means nothing. Onlyme is quite crazy. He's an admitted thug (though I suppose I could be classified as the same since I admit my mercenary tendencies) who believes something that happened 2,000 years ago has to be true while something that happens now is false.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?

Asmodean Prime

No, Bigmac, I admitted I WAS something of a thug.  Past tense.
What does high-mach mean, BTW?

Mommasquid: pear-shaped means when its kinda gone all wrong, or gone 'belly-up' or all gone out of order.  We use it a lot in England.

Quite crazy, Bigmac?

no, I'm SANE....I'm SANE...SANE I TELL YOU!.. You can't prove it!  I'm la de da dee dum

Big Mac

Alright, whatever onlyme.

A high-mach is a rather cynical and calculating person. I've generallly lost my faith in humanity since I was a very young child. I've always been calculating when I was a kid and focusing on alliances that would be the most profitable.
Quote from: "PoopShoot"And what if pigs shit candy?