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How to Create a Poll

Started by Recusant, May 25, 2016, 03:42:21 PM

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For the recurring "Photo Challenge" threads, and for any other question you'd like to get the members of HAF to respond to by voting, you'll want to create a poll. Here are some instructions you may find useful:

1. Go to the board in which you'd like to create the poll. For instance, the Laid Back Lounge. At the top right of the page, you'll see some options in the form of buttons. The second one from the left is "New Poll." Click on that.

2. Now you're on a page which will allow you to make a thread which has a poll, and you have control over several things. First, give your thread a title. Next, ask the question you'd like the members to answer.

You can add options to give the members as many choices as you'd like, using the "(Add Option)" button, which is found just below the first five options in the "Question" box.

You can set the number of votes each member will be allowed, and how long the poll will run. You can also determine whether members can change their vote, as well as who can see how the poll is going.

Once you've made your poll, write a post explaining your question and perhaps arguing for one particular point of view (for a Photo Challenge, of course you'll need to post the entries). Then preview and post, just as you would for any other new thread.

I think I've covered the basics, but if you have any questions about posting a poll here on HAF, please ask them below.
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