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PHPBB3 is now up and running!

Started by Whitney, April 15, 2008, 02:17:17 AM

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Hey everyone, I got phpbb3 installed which means we have new features now.  There are some things I'd like to point out which may affect you:

1.  instead of going to your 'profile' to change user setting  look for 'user control panel' at the upper left portion of your screen.

2.  At the upper right corner of the screen is a little A...if you click on it you can make the text larger or smaller.

3.  there is a new 'view your posts' option at the top of the page.

4.  Uploading attachments is available again.

5.  You can save drafts of your posts instead of having to post them right away...just click on save instead of submit.

6.  you can add people as a friend or a foe (foe means you won't see their posts) through their profile.

7.  I can easily add custom profile fields....I added one for worldview (go fill it out) so that we will be less likely to have to take guesses when a new member joins.

and....Various other small things that I'll add here as I remember.

All avatars made through the move this time :cool:


Haha, no laetus, I was just screwing around trying to be funny.  The new layout is fine by me.  Afterall,

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;)   (Don't worry - I'll keep my day job)


Yeah, it still kind of bothers me.   :D


You can now click on "view new posts" no matter where you are on the site.   :cool:


you can now embed youtube videos by clicking on 'youtube' and inserting the link between the code

do this:  [youtube][/youtube]
and you get: