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Surge protectors and network switches

Started by Siz, August 10, 2012, 02:35:18 PM

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Can anyone help with a technical query on my office network?

We have a small office network consisting of:

1 x dedicated Dell server
1 x unmanaged 16 port Dell switch - Powerconnect 2718
8 x slave Dell PCs
3 x printers

We had a power outage yesterday which was planned. We had powered off the server and all PCs, but nothing else. When we rebooted in the morning, we noticed the switch wouldn't power up. It does look like the thing has 'blown' (??) from a power surge but the whole lot is powered through a Belkin surge protector like this one.

Any idea what might have happened here? Do I have a faulty, or inadequate surge protector? Or maybe it was just bad luck/coincidence - the network is about 5 years old.

Also, any recommendations as to a replacement switch? I'm looking at this one. Any comments?

Thanks for your help...

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