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Looking for a Youtube Video ( Unknow OP/ Title)

Started by i.os, July 31, 2012, 06:27:14 PM

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Not sure if this is relevant to the help desk section or should be posted in the Media ( section ) as my query is tied to a video that I am looking for in Your tube.
About a month or so ago I came across a video that I just can't find anymore. I am curios if anyone has come across the video or guide me how to finding it.

So the video is from some one whom I recall had a handful of videos on you tube and rather new. The other thing I remember was he had also posted a thank you video for the nice responses he had been getting on his videos. Now for the videos itself was very creatively produced. The central tenet was about comparative religion.
The narrator started by questioning the believers as to why they think their religion is the true one. The images(/videos ) were thought provoking and spanned across various religion cultures pertaining to the beliefs of those belief system.

There is a remote possibility that I might actually have picked up the link from HAF, but I've re browsed the media section and others as well but can't find it eiter.
If there is anything related that someone can think of or have other questions please post and thanks.


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Apparently after some additional searching I found the video.
It is titled in youtube as - Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe ?
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