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the worst is a "no parent" situation, orphans and institutional depersonalised abuse or/and extreme peer pressure

Second from worst is INTENTIONAL single  genetic parent/guardian. The 1 to 1 with kids is unhealthy for both

Third from worst is the nuclear family 2 to 1, either both genetic parents or both guardians, or one and one, mixed/ single gender it does not matter. The jury of 2 adults and one child is the usual ego pump, pride and division, but workable

Things get brighter with the more the merrier, switching guardians,  switching perspectives, community bringing up community's children
Would you want the law to intervene on such things? e.g. not allow single parents to adopt or get invetro? not allow parent to adopt only one? Provide penalties for parents of only one child?

How far would you go, if you had all the power?
The law? no way! you all got me wrong, but its a translation issue. as it may not be evident, I am happy with the fact scientists like me have or will make it possible for test tube clones, so I find adoption, or in-vitro fertilisation, or any combination of single, nuclear, multiple parenting, one kid, one kid from before and one from after, 5 kids, gay parents, cyborg or animal parents, whatever combination can provide, the sentimenal arena upon which a loving sociable fellow human can grow up.
what is the penalty for abusive parents? one can illustrate what the cost is.

If I had all the power, I would be concerned with wealth dispersal and re-distribution. social justice, equity, universal dignity. perspective Parents would undergo a simple test not because they have to, but if they want to claim the rich benefits they should get when with a kid. And if requested or recommended some gene therapy. for disease and for behaviour. Some people are not fit to have a kid. If they know it, its ok, they dont seek it

I would legalise things you wouldnt dream of,  but in sychrony flood the system with knowledge and understanding.
how to? and what you can expect.

 fundie? meaning fundamentalist? you would wish fundamentalists to have my understanding
I was speaking from the point of view of the kid, not the policy maker.

as for single parents, amicale i struck a sore chord, but i live the situation where the abusive parent is the mother who unfortunately has the law on her side.

in another set, the unsuitable father as bad as he is, i was told by psychologists, is better than no dad, and unfortunately for me, the unsuitable father as bad as he is, is preferable even from a better foster dad.

Aldous convinced me. The ideal parenting is more, varid and periodical rather than less and permanent 
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