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Started by Wessik, January 17, 2012, 10:13:10 PM

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This is my first created thread. Beauracracy increases with government age. For example, NGO agencies have proliferated since 1940, but are NGO's helpful? The national aspect of NGO's provides distance from local power. Administrations such as the President's are popular, but elimination of the EPA or of Welfare would be disastrous. And yet, could environmental protection be enacted on local levels? Cities with environmental ordinances have more effective enforcement.

Education might also be overly regulated. But this, interestingly enough, is a common local aspect of governance. Perhaps education at the national level might be better? I think that nonmandatory curriculum objectives would speed educational prowess, similiar to collegiate education levels. Proper teachers need only possess laudable qualification in their intellectual domain.

Are unions efficient? Union organizations pressure higher wages, at the cost of loyalty to the union. They may hurt competorial ability between businesses that must compete with international firms, but does that make them bad? I would endorse the Huntsman's view of regulation where needed, and loosening of restrictions. Would authority, however, actually be given back to states?
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I try not to insert my opinion on a topic where I am ignorant, such as economics. I would suggest watching to documentary Waiting for Superman if you want to learn more about the problems and possible solutions in the Public School system.
even though I have only taken a basic economic class I am able to observe that a distinct middle ground is need when it comes to regulation, across the board. Some aspects of our government and economy have very little regulation whereas some are regulated too much. We should demand transparency for all transactions and corporations and government institutions. It is neither deregulation nor regulationg that we need but a balance of both
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