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re: atheists

Started by quartel, September 28, 2007, 09:03:27 PM

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Quote from: "quartel"Do all atheists accept the fact that they could be wrong about things or do some atheists refuse to accept this?

for example although I do not accept the existance of God because of lack of evidence....if the evidence did present itself I would have to look at the facts and decide.

I guess my question is do all atheists go by science and evidence or are some people atheists because they hate organized religion.

There seems to be a common thread among atheists, yet at the same time we do differ in some ways. If a mormon came to your doorstep some of us would hear them out whereas some atheists would refuse to listen to any of it. I think that as logical beings (my assumption about atheists) we should at least hear their side out before making a decision and not turn deaf ears because if we do that we are no different deeply dogmatic religious people. That's not to say religious people are whackos, I think most religious people are nice, pleasant people. I just think we differ in our philsophy about the environment around us. Atheist look at evidense and can accept that they can be wrong whereas the bible is never wrong about anything. I find that this attitude that one cannot be wrong shuts doors. I dont think you can discuss any ideas with a person that thinks they cannot be wrong and this is actually something I ask people before I discuss ideas with them (so im not wasting my time..)

Atheism is an umbrella .............. so there all kinds of people sitting under it. I've met absolutist Atheist who were very strong militant atheists and I have friends who are very relaxed Agnostic (weak) me.

I have atheist friends who think and defend views more scientifically and some who use philosophy.....depends on what works for the individual.