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What are you Eating right now?


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Re: What are you Eating right now?
« Reply #855 on: June 30, 2020, 04:57:12 AM »

How should I spell Piccodillia? Mags will know I suspect.  I do not know but I do like it........It consists of ground beef, raisins, olives, small tomato bits, capers, and tender love and care. Black beans over rice is topped with the onion bits.  Yummmy!!!

No. I'm sorry, Icarus, I've never had that before, but it sounds good.  :yum:

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Re: What are you Eating right now?
« Reply #856 on: July 01, 2020, 01:56:02 AM »
summer food

back when i wrote computer manuals for IBM, i knew an iranian jew (yes) who was a physicist for some silicon valley tech firm

his wife worked for a pharmaceutical with my wife at the time, and so we spent time at htheir place where his aged iranian mother would cook for us and wait until we belched to show our satisfaction.

anyway, she taught me to take peta bread, cuti open, spred the inside with butter, and layer it with feta cheese and fresh basil leaves.

fantastic warm-weather meal. i've been eatin git for decades now.

i used to libe where they grew basil by the acre. fantasic to smell a five acre field of blooming basil upwind from your house.

anyway, here in coal country basil is old and hard to find. but its around, and you can still eat eat like you lived in isfahan.

my sister lived there, in fact, and in 1979 got an all-expense paid trip from the american embassy in tehran to houston, in a C130.

strange days indeed.

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