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Hello all. De Facto Atheist here

Started by Ss0p, August 15, 2010, 05:12:02 PM

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Hey, I'll begin with a little about myself.

I grew up Catholic, went to Sunday school and church, up until mid 2001, when my family stopped going altogether. From this point on, it was safe to say that we were never really considered religious. Though, I still believed in God, simply because I was raised to believe in his existence. Up until recently, I decided to consider myself an atheist. I thought "you can't disprove God," and that's true, we cannot fully disprove God, and for a while I stuck to the belief that he was real. Then I started questioning. People actually believe that what the bible says is true. Even when I considered myself Catholic, I thought the bible was ridiculous. Now, I choose to live my life with the impression that God is not there. I'm not 100% certain (can anyone really say they are?), but I'm pretty certain he doesn't exist. I'm in the process of reading "The God Delusion" right now. So far, it's a very interesting read. Anyway, that's a little about myself...


Thanks for introducing yourself!  I hope you like it here.  :)  Welcome!
Ubi dubium ibi libertas: Where there is doubt, there is freedom.


Illegitimi non carborundum.

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Quote from: "Ss0p"I'm not 100% certain (can anyone really say they are?)
Welcome Ss0p
I put the chance of a something, as something like 0.0000000001%
For the chance of the christian god being real, there isn't enough room for the zeros.