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This is serious. This is real. Mubarak Bala


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Re: This is serious. This is real. Mubarak Bala
« Reply #45 on: May 30, 2020, 11:57:57 AM »
Benue Humanist wrote this on Facebook today:-

This for all atheists and theists who say, Mubarak Bala should rot in jail because he was warned.

You don't know what is at stake so, let me assume the mundane task of telling you. Not for once, should you think that this is about Mubarak Bala, and there, it stops. The continuous protest you see online is part of a historical resistance against the imposition of Islamic hegemony on non Muslims in Nigeria, the suppression of their human rights, disregard of their faith and lives, and the profiling of irreligious persons for execution in modern Nigeria.

If you have read the religious books of Islam, the works of Muslims clerics, and followed the behaviour of most Muslims towards non Muslims, you will know that there is every need to draw a bold line, a line which indicates the right of non Muslims to be religious or irreligious, a line which reinforces the right of others to criticize certain aspects of any belief system which disregards human life, promotes violence and division, and discourages the application of science in solving societal problems.

Mubarak might be at the center of it now however, the issue goes beyond him. There is every need to logically dispel the inherent belief of every Muslim that, by virtue of the shahadah they swore, they are automatically first class humans, a false feeling which gives them a false right to act arbitrary against non Muslims.

I spent six years in the core northern part of Nigeria, and within this period as a student, I witnessed direct and subtle arbitrary behaviour from most Muslims. Sometimes, my greetings were ignored simply because there came in English, or from a non believer. Right in the class, severally, I listened with no sense of annoyance but surprise, how the Quran is a perfect book of the one true religion, Islam. I listened, in a particular class on the critical discourse analysis of political speeches, where those of prophet were adopted as example to highlight the purpose behind his classification of the Muslim community, and those of the kafr. Beneath that classification, the earthly and heavenly benefits of killing unbelievers were clearly fished out without a rethink of the effects it will have on the only two non Muslims in the class; myself and one other Christian from Kaduna.

There are uncountable times when I was told to convert to Islam in order to complete what was called my 'fine gentleness' which only Muslims possessed. This was done, not minding that, at that time, I was still a Christian. If had said the same thing to any Muslim, it might have gotten me beaten up or vilified. Towards the end of my studies, I began an atheist, in addition to another one, a Marxist from Tanzania. The hate and obvious disrespect melted out to the old lecturer, more knowledgeable than any professor from the faculty, was shocking. The fact that he spent all his monthly salary on their needs was never considered. For expressing different views, we were called mad men.

Mubarak appears a replica of the Marxist; daring and humane. Just like the Marxist, he advocates for Islamic reforms, the application of science to societal problems and rebuttal of Islamic fables. This is what they hate, and you think he deserves to rot in jail or die for speaking out against a bloody thirsty religion? Some of you have never visited the North, that is why, you sit in your comfort zones down south being unreasonably discordant. The North needs help. The North is sick. She needs urgent attention, and the likes of Mubarak presents that solution.

This is why, we need to speak against the ills there, inspired by religion. We need to speak against a society that sees other non Muslims as, to borrow from a lecturer from my alma mater, chickens reared for one purpose-death. We need to instill it in every bigoted Muslim that being a Muslim doesn't make them special, or gives them the right to intimidate others. They must understand that people have the right to expression, and that right implies, to offend and tell uncomfortable truth.

At least two of our members are also his friend on Facebook.

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