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10 Things About Yourself

Started by Cecilie, May 16, 2010, 10:42:21 PM

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So, I saw this in another forum and I thought it would be fun. Tell us ten typical/cool/revealing/funny/odd/awsome things about yourself.

1. I have a lot of phobias, including chiclephobia.
2. Favorite sport to watch is biathlon.
3. Very private.
4. My biggest wish is that I was smarter.
5. Think too much.
6. Never been drunk.
7. Feel uncomfortable around children.
8. Fascinated by skeletons, especially human.
9. Haven't vomited in about 7-8 years.
10. Own more books than I have read.

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1 Not comfortable around young children either, ok with teens and pre-teens for the most part.
1 Don't drink (though cooking with alcohol is a different story) or smoke but LOVE the smell of cigars and loose tobacco
3 Member of one of the OLDEST continuous meeting hand quilting clubs in Texas, been meeting every week except holidays and funerals since 1947
4 I depend on spell check, really I do, Sucked at spelling in school
5 I usually read 5 or 6 of those 300-500 pg mass market books a week...  Minimum.
6 I have 5 basset hounds, don't ask, you'll get a rescue sob story for each of them
7 Also a private person for the most part
8 I live in Central TX where it's hotter than hades but I can't take the sun and heat at the same time, I'll end up in the hospital.  Not leaving though, hate cold more than you can imagine.
9 I can't whistle anything but the recall whistle for the dogs, and that took me 2 years to master.
10  I live/grew up with deaf people and don't know any sign language,  Mom, brother and hubby are deaf.....  Hubby at least wears aids
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Quote from: "KDbeads"1 Not comfortable around young children either, ok with teens and pre-teens for the most part.

I wouldn't say that I feel uncomptorable around teens. I am more scared of them. Which really sucks since I am 16.  :hide:
The world's what you create.


1. I have 7 tattoos
2. I'm severely gephyrophobic
3. My favorite band is the Smiths
4. I've traveled to other countries, but never been to NYC, despite it only being 2-3 hours away from where I live.
5. I attend Midnight Mass every year on Christmas Eve, even though I'm an atheist
6. I'm great at cooking, but horrendous at baking.  I can make a decent fruit pie, though
7. I love anything coconut scented or flavored.
8. I'm lactose intolerant, but I love dairy, and will eat it knowing that I'll end up regretting it later.
9. I think baby animals are much cuter than baby humans.  I'll take a kitten over a toddler any day.
10. I like reading in the bathtub.
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1. I worry too much about what other people think of me.
2. I can voluntarily swallow my tongue.
3. I've never been in a fist fight.
4. I'm a keen golfer.
5. I make the best beef stew ever (the secret is in the beer you use).
6. I am tone prefect.
7. I can clap one-handed.
8. I've never argued with my best friend of 21 years.
9. I have an addictive personality.
10. I suffer from autosomal dominant compelling helioophthalmic outburst syndrome.
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1. I have never had a nose-bleed in my entire life.
2. I revisit my posts and edit them, just to see who notices.
3. If possible, I'd sleep during the day and do everything at night
4. I have slept with my eyes open a few times.
5. I can think of no occasions where my eyes have hurt more than after sleeping with them open.
6. I'm outgoing on the outside, but I'm actually extremely shy.
7. I like writing in my spare time, but I've never finished a story.
8. My favorite food is and always will be mashed potatoes with ham gravy and corn.
9. I'm in training for my orange belt in Chon-Tu-Kwan Hapkido.
10. I've never been in a 'real' fight.


1) I have so many allergies, I actually started a blog about how I've learned to live with them. Unfortunately, no one visited it.
2) On my first birthday, I had chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, some of which ended up my nose according to video evidence.
3) My step-brother is getting married in a month, and it will be the first wedding I've been to in years in which I'm not the best man. Thank goodness.
4) Yesterday, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the famous physicist, totally schooled me on Twitter. It was awesome.
5) I voted for the Green Party candidate, Cobb, in the 2004 Presidential election.
6) My descending aorta is made of a plastic called Dacron (medical grade polyethylene terephthalate). I'm actually part recyclable.
7) I was in the first formal debate on the Happy Atheist Forum. I had a blast.
8) I run every morning, and just recently I've started doing it barefoot.
9) I look forward most to being a father some day, above any other possible achievement.
10) I'm putting in a rather serious garden this year because of my concerns over peak oil and global warming. I really hope I'm nuts.
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Hehe, I covered most of the highlights in my intro thread, for those of you who missed it. For everyone else, I'll do my best to come up with 10 more:

1. I've lived in at least 20 different homes in 6 US states - lost count of how many times I've moved.
2. I have to take a prescription medication twice a day to keep from suddenly dying. A side effect is that it makes me very tired all the time and sometimes lightheaded, but another side effect is that it keeps my mood swings and panic attacks in check.
3. When I was 8 I genuinely believed my parents knew everything.  :sigh:
5. So far, I've been outside the US only once for just a few hours, when I was 6. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - a short drive from where I lived at the time.
6. I've never been a single adult for any significant amount of time, unless you count the years between my 18th birthday and when I got married at age 21, but I don't consider myself as having been an adult during that time.
7. I share a birthday with my late father, but I don't celebrate it because it's on one of the worst days in US history, April 19th.  :yay:
9. I rarely have any money, but when I do I buy extravagant gifts. I once bought almost a complete collection of Duran Duran LPs and singles for a friend, just because she likes Duran Duran.
10. I'm totally bald and wear a wig.  :(
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In no particular order:

1. I sometimes get caught by the play of light across a reflective surface.
2. The orderly nature of mathematics is a comfort to me.
3. I usually think in moving or still images or symbols, not words.
4. Loud noises in the morning can make me vomit.
5. I am shy and quiet in person.
6. I choose my clothing by how it feels, not how it looks.
7. I am disabled by an undiagnosed fever disorder, lupus, and fibromyalgia and yet I beat myself up for not holding down a day job.
8. I support myself (barely) by writing for private clients and by posting on Squidoo and Associated Content.  Read my stuff.
9. I read very fast and if I'm in the mood I may finish seven or eight novels in a day.
10.  I am working on writing another novel.


In Roman Numerals:

I. I recently realized I should have studied Astronomy or Astrophysics. The universe amazes me.
II. I can barely do anything left handed.
III. I am 6'6", 370 pounds. Most people wouldn't call me fat though. At least not to my face. I'm just big.
IV. My thighs are 34" in circumference. Calves are 25". That was an awesome pickup line in college, "my thighs are bigger than your waist."
V. I have a dog, a bloodhound named Daisy.
VI. I have a Fiesta Bowl Ring
VII. I can't drive a stick shift. Not because I can't but because I never learned... because trying to lift my left leg up to push the clutch would require the steering wheel to not be there and the steering wheel is important.
VIII. I am an Apple fanboy. But never will I buy the first generation of a new product (ex: iPad). The 2nd gen are always better.
IX. I will be moving soon and I can't wait!
X. I once had my foot run over by a tractor. It felt slightly below average.
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1. fav. passtimes: driving with music, drawing, taking photos, surfing the net
2. love dragons
3. silent but a listener
4, hate children
5 i started getting bored of my friends
6. I HAVE to read a little something in bed before going to sleep. I have read dozens of books that way-whatever, science books, comics, magazines, novels
7. l refuse to "act like my age"
8. have never smoked and i hate coffee.
9. Im fatter now than I have ever been in my life
10. will finally move to my own apartment in the next few months, although dad will still pay the bills! (dont you love the way greek families work!)
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1. I've lived in 4 different European countries.
2. My wife and I live more than 4000 miles apart
3. I'm an avid collector of SciFi books and movies.
4. I hate gardening
5. I should loose some weight, which is difficult because I'm a foodie and I don't like sports
6. My hearing is pretty bad (I can't hear any tones higher than 1000 Hz)
7. I've never broken a bone
8. My morning starts with a strong cup of coffee and surfing the web.
9. I love to play chess
10. I'm an introvert
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1. Born in late 1959, male.
2. More sensitive than was allowed at the time I was born in the culture I was born into.
3. Love the natural world, if I could swap lives it would be with David Attenborough.
4. Love photography as I can't draw freehand or paint.
5. I love people, I just enjoy company.
6. If I don't get some 'me time' I go mad (not a good combination with 5)
7. Married in March 1980, aged 20. Still married after 30 years, I must be doing something right.
8. Have grown to loath theism in almost all its forms.
9. I like vanilla ice cream but cant eat it as I am diabetic
10. I love threads like these.
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1. I regularly attend national rainbow gatherings.
2. I spent half a year when I was 20 traveling all around the US in a van.
3. I played Charlie Brown in an all female cast of 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'
4. I collect small vinyl toys from Kidrobot (Dunnys and Fatcaps)
5. I love the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion so much, I have a tattoo of one of the characters on my arm.
6. I crochet blankets that I donate to the local animal shelter.
7. Wednesday this week I'll be training so that I can help produce a local Atheist program for public access television.
8. I have worked for the last multi-screen drive-in theater on the west coast for the last 6 years
9. I will be going back to school this fall
10. I am a horrible pack rat, a trait inherited from my late father.
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