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Plans for Free-Thought Billboard in Dallas

Started by Whitney, November 04, 2008, 02:55:19 AM

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UPDATE 12.30.08:

Quote2008-12-10 Update: WE DID IT! The most recent donation put us not only over our goal, but over $2000! We can't thank you all enough, and look forward to posting news on our progress after our next business meeting. All excess dollars will go toward future billboard campaigns. For the immediate future, we will continue to accept donations.

I'll keep everyone updated on how the people of Dallas react to the billboard.


QuoteHi All,

Metroplex Atheists and the Dallas-Plano Atheist Meetup Group are combining with the national group Coalition of Reason to bring their billboard campaign to D/FW. The campaign will start in January 2009. The following link will show what it looked like in Philadelphia: ... billboard/.

This billboard message challenges the accepted social status quo without coming across as deliberately offensive. It has a message of inclusiveness ("You are not alone.") vs. the divisiveness of religion.

We need to raise $1,750 to purchase a one-month placement in a high-traffic area, such as I-35 (Stemmons Freeway) or US75 (Central Expressway) in Dallas. This is one-half the cost of the ad purchase. The other half, plus the cost of producing the vinyl billboard, is being paid for by Coalition of Reason. Any excess funds raised will be used to fund additional ad placements, the next one possibly in Fort Worth.

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contributions can be made via PayPal or a credit card by visiting the Metroplex Atheists web site at Just scroll to the bottom of any page, click on "Donate", and then select the billboard campaign. Metroplex Atheists is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

There are many reasons for this campaign, not the least of which is to let others know that there are atheist organizations all over the D/FW Metroplex and to point people who inquire to the organization which most appeals to them.

Many thanks go to our members Stephen and Dee, who started this project, and to Terry McDonald, President of Metroplex Atheists, who will be the public contact for it.

Group Organizer
The Dallas-Plano Atheists Meetup Group
Original Post:

Metroplex atheists of Dallas are currently working on organizing the placement of a freethough billboard at one of the most prominant intersections in Dallas.  They will have to raise some money to do this and the details are not completely worked out yet..although quite a bit of planning and detailing is already under way.  If anyone would be interested in helping to donate to this project, I will keep this thread updated with donation information.  They are planning on setting up a pay pal account for this purpose as well as taking donations in person.  Please see the attached document for further information and watch this thread for updates.

Update 11.03.08:
"Metroplex Atheists (based in Fort Worth) is going to have its PayPal connection up and running by November.

The Coalition of Reason (CoR) is doing its big national rollout with national advertising and the whole shebang in January. This is the group that is going to provide us with the bill (Don't believe in God? You're not alone.) and provide the webpage for free and cover half of the cost of the one-month lease of the board. But like I just mentioned, they won't be ready until January.

Locally, although we have a representative from CBS Outdoor (the billboard company) that is very sympathetic to our atheist message, she can find no one willing to lease a billboard with an atheist message on it during the holiday season of November to December. She suggested to wait until January or February.

So, we'll tell ya more in January 2009!"


This is a worthy cause. I will donate.

Perhaps we can build our way up to bus ads, too.  :banna:
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