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Dominionists in the United States

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Re: Dominionists in the United States
« Reply #90 on: November 22, 2020, 01:31:54 PM »
All Christians are not authoritarian dominionists, but we need to continue to resist these mistaken ideas.  Most mainline denominations understand the fallacies of this way of thinking.  At the foundation is the idea that American was founded as a Christian nation.  This mistaken idea does not see that Christianity is not mentioned in the Declaration or the Constitution, and the Treaty of Tripoli specifically says it is not a Christian nation.  Christian majority does not mean Christian nation.


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Re: Dominionists in the United States
« Reply #91 on: November 23, 2020, 12:57:58 AM »
The founders had a Christian bent, if we can define that term loosely. The King James bible had only recently been invented by the King and his 54 scholars who authored the book. . The original invaders of North America were here to pursue a commercial enterprise, not Christianity. .  The Thanksgiving myth that so many of us enjoy is not quite.....or even close, to the story book bullshit that had the Indians making peace and breaking bread with the Plymouth colonial settlers.

The first ones were well before the Plymouth Rock Mayflower group that are so much accorded as original settlers.  Well before that, the Jamestown settlement in Virginia was a commercial enterprise financed by the London Company. That did not work out so well.  The Jamestown community did not even have a minister of God for more than a year.  Never mind that the whole endeavor went to Hell in a hand basket.

European invaders, mostly British, were here in the now state of Maine to gather the magnificent, tall, and sturdy trees that made such exceptionally strong masts for their sailing ships. Tha was not a Christian endeavor, it was a ractical one.

Sure enough the new world settlers were God fearing. They even believed that it was necessary to burn witches.  Actually very few witches, or accused witches, were burned.  but the story lives on.

Before the pilgrims and Jamestown settlers arrived the Spaniards had pillaged Florida and set up forts to defend their conquests.  The Spaniards were not motivated evangelistic Christians, they were looking for gold and other riches and maybe even the fountain of youth. The heathanous Indian inhabitants lost a lot lives before they drove the damned Spaniards and Portuguese to distraction. The Mikasoukis and other tribes were much better at navigating the swamps of Florida than the invaders were. 

Farther south In Mexico and Central America, the quest was for the gold that was surely in abundance there. The invaders had no qualms about slaughtering the indeginous people.  Eventually the Mexicans had their revenge with the improbable success of  the Cinco de Mayo massacre of the French invaders.  None of that had anything to do with the intent to spread the word of the lord.  It was presumed opportunity and greed on the part of the invaders. 

 I have precious little patience with the otherwise, well at least sometimes,  rational citizens who are so adamant about the history and intent of  this nation. 

Icarus is off on one of his rants.  My esteemed colleagues are asked to forgive this ancient old fool for being  so loquacious and single minded.