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The problem of China . . .


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Re: The problem of China . . .
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2018, 03:53:23 PM »

A thread of caution, and a concern that we do not have the right kind of leaders, in the West, at the moment. China, Russia and ecen Islam view our kibd of liberal freedom as a critical weakness - and they could be right. Chuck in the divisions breaking up the Western economic, and possibly, even probably, military unions . . .

As for inovation - the Chinese universities are more like factories, but amongst those tens of thousands of students pumoed out of the first degree courses every year there are bound to be some real smsrties. We had a couple working for my old company, well, I hope they were doing so - I know the woman was in regular contact with her old professor after working hours. I surprised her obe evening, she said she was jyst asking him for advice, but plans for our latest model were all over her desk.

There are enough incentives over there for scientists and engineers to want to progress China's abilities, it seems they are well reewrded, msybe vetter than those in the West. The East used to be the place that copied Western technology, and often improved it. The Japsnese were goid st that with motorbikes, cars, cameras etc. China can afford to flood the world even at a small loss for future gain.

Yeah, I am bothered about the future and am ashamed of our leaders. Even though I won't see the final outcome (barring WW3 starting very soon) and have no kids.

I am, to a degree, viewing it almost as a possible prologue to a "distopian-future" type novel. It has many of the elements.
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