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The Rock Announces President Run For 2020

Started by Arturo, January 01, 2017, 05:28:04 AM

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The Rock (aka Dwayn Johnson) annouced his bid for the President in 2020 at his annual Rock the Troops festival and, well, you just have to see for yourself.

I honestly love The Rock, but I've only known him as an entertainer. He seems pretty serious about running and he explains a few of his policies in a video from the above link. I'm pretty conflicted if I want to see him as an entertainer outright or as a President as well. I look up to him as body builder and aspire to be like that, but I also have strong feelings to see him be President. Which is why I'm conflicted, if he becomes President, he won't be able to keep his size and shape and I may begin to dislike him. UGH.
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Do you think there's still space on Mount Rushmore for the Rock's face?
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Well he could be better than Ronald Reagan.
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Just what the US needs--another right wing celebrity politician.  :dance:
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Well, Schwarzenegger did OK as California Governor, so I guess...? Hell, I'll vote for a hunk of rock if that'll help. It would do less damage than Drumpf.
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     Just let people be themselves.
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I'm a bit hyper right now and I just thought of a possible campaign slogan for The Great One, aka Dwayne Johnson

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It's Okay To Say You're Welcome
     Just let people be themselves.
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