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Science fiction made everyday experience.

Started by Dave, August 18, 2016, 06:41:19 PM

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Well, in the new jargon, at least tending that way.

Uber are to start using self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, but initially with a supervising human on board.

This is a common mode of transport in sc-fi, you don't bother to own a car because you can call one up for any journey. Still a bit like a taxi but, like many of these ideas, another means of earning/boosting income disappears. Tech advances are not always fully positive. But "progress" will make sure that available tech (especially if it boosts profits) is employed.

One can only hope they can make these cars 100% hack-proof. Naw, the authorities are sure to want to be able take control of such vehicles, so there is a gate-way for hackers right away.

But, these vehicles and their mode of use is climbing out of the pages of fiction quite quickly.
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