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Re: Educational grooming efforts

Started by Ali, June 28, 2013, 07:12:54 PM

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Quote from: Prometheus on June 28, 2013, 04:21:40 PM
Thanks guys. Seems like sound advice all around. I'm his favorite person ever :P he tells me I'm the bestest every day lol. It's hard to correct grammer on that one. I asked him what he wanted to go to school for a while back. He told me he wanted to be a "Turkey Butt" so everyone would laugh at him and be his friend.

He told my dad he had something to show him in walmart. It wasn't a toy. He drug my 55 year old dad into the bra and panty section and started giggling. He said "Look pawpaw, It's women's Booty Butts!"


Well, it works.  I laughed and want to be his friend.

Just wanted to chime in and agree with everyone else that you don't need to break out the flashcards just yet with a four year old.  Just take him out in the world, or do stuff with him (cooking/baking is a great example) and then just talk.  They come up with awesome questions (some of which you may not even be able to answer!  I find myself saying the most unhelpful things sometimes like "Because some things ARE and some things are NOT..." What????)  Also, reading to him is a great way to stimulate his imagniation.  They don't have to be serious scientific texts at this age, just grab something fun to help him develop a love of reading and books and grow his vocabulary.  If you spend a lot of time with him, Ican recommend some great chapter books for that age group.  My five year old LOVES the How to Train Your Dragon books, and the Captain Underpants books.  We're on the last HTTYD book, so I think I'm going to start him on the Rise of the Guardians book next.