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Creationism/Intelligent Design / Re: Flat Earth Belief Growing Worldwide
« Last post by Randy on Today at 06:49:42 PM »
Old Seer I read somewhere that the planet is constantly pushing upward at 9.8 meters per second giving the illusion of gravity. If that is the model they go by then there wouldn't be anything on the other side of the disk.
Music / Re: Covers
« Last post by Tom62 on Today at 06:38:24 PM »
I must admit that I prefer the original Bolland & Bolland version

If I was a flat earther I'd have to wonder if there's floks on the other side of the disk that makes the planet. Being on this side I can understand that gravity holds things on the surface. So, if I were on the other side would gravity hold me on the surface of that side. Hmmmm. Does anyone know if flat earthers think there's people or another world on the other side. Not having looked into the flat earth idea and always thinking it's absurd dismissed the idea out of hand. Did they ever claim there's another side to this flat disk of theirs and what would be on it.
If there's gravity somewhere below the disk rather than being a factor of the disk itself; the disk would get sucked onto a gravity hole somewhere. Or if the disk has gravity then there wouldn't be enough mass under one's feet to create the same gravity force and one wouldn't weigh as much as they do. Or, how thick do they say the disk is so there's a gravity equivalent. ??? The disk would have to be almost 8000 miles thick. I recall from pics I noted that the ocean is flowing over the edge. There shouldn't be water left on this side.  :-\
I know of people who vote republican regardless of who's running. I don't know if they follow their candidate to see the mess he's caused however. Surely they aren't living under a rock.

I know people like that. They call the Democrats "liberals" and equate them to socialists and communists in one breath. How their brain doesn't roll out of one ear when they tilt their heads still mystifies my.
Politics / Re: George Will calls for defeat of Trump and GOP Senate
« Last post by Randy on Today at 09:50:24 AM »
I know of people who vote republican regardless of who's running. I don't know if they follow their candidate to see the mess he's caused however. Surely they aren't living under a rock.
Media / Re: Netflix
« Last post by Tank on Today at 08:20:18 AM »
The Jeffrey Epstein documentary series was good. Will have to check out Messiah.

Messiah is very good.
Social Issues and Causes / Re: George Floyd
« Last post by Anne D. on Today at 06:16:35 AM »
Billy that is bullshit.   To say that that is "the only kind there are" is beneath both of our dignities and too far beneath our sense of honesty.

sorry, but i disagree, icarus. if the american police forces were capable of policing themselves, we wouldn't see the systemic abuses that we do. the fact that police in my country can illegally assault peaceful protesters without instantly being outed by a law-abiding cop standing next to them indicates that the the cop next to them is not law-abiding.

its not what they say that matters. its what they do that shows what they are.

If I have an intruder who is trying to get into my house, planning to harm me, would you suggest that I call a plumber?

if i were black, living in america, and there was an intruder trying to get in, i would not call the police. the risks of calling the cops are as great as fending off the intruder myself. i would have been prepared and i would defend myself to the best of my ability instead.

here's what happened to Stephon Clark in his grandmother's back yard when someone called the sacramento police:


here's what happened to Atatiana Jefferson in her own living room when someone called the fort worth police:


the store owner who called the police in minneapolis that resulted in the death of george floyd says he won't be calling the police anymore:


 if i were black i would no more call the police to a problem in my neighborhood than i would have called hitler's brown shirts if i were a jew in trouble.

Music / Re: Covers
« Last post by Anne D. on Today at 06:04:27 AM »
Music / Re: Covers
« Last post by Anne D. on Today at 05:52:39 AM »
I like the Cyndi Lauper version of "When You Were Mine" better than the Prince version (blasphemy I know). And I think there's a punk version of the song (don't know the band) that's even better than the Cyndi Lauper version.
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