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Valarie Plame Sues Administration Officials

Started by Amor Fati, July 14, 2006, 04:22:42 PM

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Amor Fati

CNN story link.

Find Law court document link

I'm not sure really what to make of this case.  Any lawyers in here want to guess at the success of something like this?

Asmodean Prime

Okay, since no lawyers responded, I shall.  I doubt that "Success" in terms of a favorable verdict is the actual goal of this suit.  I conjecture that the real purpose is to try and depose Cheney, Libby, Rove, and others to expose the conspiracy that could not be prosecuted because of the severe legal hurdles in a criminal prosecution.  In a civil trial, which would probably not take place until after the end of the Bush Administration, there could be long-term political implications, and historical ramifications.  I believe the suit was not filed until now, so that there will be a new administration in power when the trial commences, and no supposed protection available to former government witnesses.


A government witness will be entitled to protection and immunity from testimony regardless of whether the president is sitting or retired as far as I know, especially if you are talking about Cheney and Rove since they are admin staff.   Presidental immunity doesn't end when their term is over.   It also depends on how you classify the testimony and who the witness is.  A judge is not forced to compel discovery in a lawsuit just because on side asks for it, especially if they feel the deposition will be used mainly to harass the deposed.  The fact that they are whitehouse officials argues in that direction.

I have a feeling that lawsuits like this will be long forgotten as soon as Bush is out of office just like the civil suits against Clinton were forgotten.  I conjecture that this is an attempt to bring charges against the administration and provide grounds for impeachment and when it goes nowhere, which it will, it will dissapear into obscurity.  Rediculous political quid pro quo.