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Anyone with any REMOTE interest American football

Started by hismikeness, October 13, 2010, 12:36:36 AM

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Read this article.

Here's a synopsis:
Quote from: "i]Sports Illustrated[/i]"]I will never forget the first time I paid a player...

We sat on his couch, and I gave him my spiel. I told him about myself and asked him questions, trying to connect with him. After about half an hour, Kanavis (McGhee of the University of Colorado football team) said to me, "Josh, you seem like a pretty good guy, can I share something with you?"


"I need some help. My mom lost her job and she's sick and she hasn't been able to make her rent. If I don't come up with $2,500, she is going to get evicted from her apartment."

"I don't know," I said. "Let me think about it. I'll come by tomorrow and let you know."

That night I sat in my hotel room making a list of pros and cons in my head. Sure, it was breaking NCAA rules, but I would be helping Kanavis out. How would I feel if my mom was sick and I didn't have money to help her? I went through this for hours and finally decided to do it. The next morning I went to the bank, pulled out some of my bar mitzvah money, $2,500 in cash, showed up at Kanavis's door and told him, "Kanavis, I gave this a lot of thought, and I want to help you out. I know how I would feel if it was my mom."

"Thank you so much," he said. "You're my boy, man. You're really coming through for me."

I went back to my hotel and for a little while I felt good, but then the phone rang. It was a teammate of Kanavis's calling.
"Hey, man, Kanavis told me you're a pretty good dude," he said. "I got this problem, and I need some help. My father is really sick and he is losing his apartment and I need $2,500. Do you think you can help me out the way you helped Kanavis?"

I played college football on a major west coast school. I never witnessed any agent trying to pay me, but I think mainly that was because I never actively shopped for representation, nor was recruited. Probably, that was because I didn't have enough NFL upside to be considered. However, some of the guys on the team did just happen to "run in" to some acquisitions of opulence that made me wonder.

One guy came rolling in one day in a copper Chevy Avalanche with a 4 inch lift, a sound system and custom rims. Just out of the blue. Said he saved up for it.

Another guy had diamond earrings and big necklaces. Lots of guys did... but you could spot the fakes. These stones were real.

Both of those guys still play in the NFL

One guy, who changed his last name in the NFL... had several different sets of gold teeth.

It's sickening when you read the story to read between the lines about the evil ways people will treat other people when they stand to make a shit ton of money.
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