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School murder

Started by Ecurb Noselrub, May 04, 2022, 12:17:02 AM

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Ecurb Noselrub

In Belton High School today, about a half-mile from my home, an 18 year-old student murdered another student by stabbing him in the face and heart. It appears to have been over a girl. My grandson was there and experienced his first lockdown.  The victim was taken to the hospital where I work, but they could not save him. They could not stop the bleeding soon enough to save him.  Other than that, it was a good school day.


Sorry that you and your Grandson has had to endure that kind of madness. Is there no end to irrational behavior?

Jealousy is one of the deadly sins. There is also the ill-conceived belief in sole possession.....that being a ramp up to jealous rage. 

Ecurb Noselrub

   To answer your question, no, there is no end to irrational behavior. Humans are a bottomless pit of irrationality. If we could just stop killing each other it would be a start, but apparently that is impossible.


Absolutely horrific :( 
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Ecurb Noselrub

I suspect that the accused will be tried as an adult, since he is 18. He brought the knife to school, so it would appear that his act was pre-meditated. He ran away after he stabbed the victim, so that suggests that he knew it was wrong. That would seem to undermine an insanity defense. The scene was bloody and witnessed by many students. It occurred in the bathroom, and then the victim dragged himself out, leaving a bloody trail.  I assume many will be traumatized by it. There is just nothing good to say about it.

Ecurb Noselrub

Furthermore, some students posted photos and videos on social media, adding an element of the macabre. Life has been devalued to such an extreme that events like this are bound to manifest in various circumstances. So sad, a life snuffed out right before graduation, right before he was about to launch out into adult life. I can't imagine his parents' grief.