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Laid Back Lounge / Re: About last night (A Haiku)
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 02:59:58 AM
Is Vegemite good for you?
They say it is, but who's they?
Laid Back Lounge / Re: The Art and things we've m...
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 02:56:04 AM
Persuasion is an art that I have never quite grasped.
Media / Re: What Are You Reading?
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 02:13:37 AM
i prefer the chicago as well, but some customers speciied others, some completely out of date these days.

id d some contract technical editing, too, for some east coast publishers. very mixed results. i got applauds from some customers, and hates from others who were too ego-invested in their preferred punctuation.

for a while i was a tech documentations manager-- look, here is one of my writers!  i did the outlining and editing on the work she did for me, but i refused to ever put my name on my writers stuff-- i made sure that all the credit was theirs.

when i did IBM MVS/CMS stuff i ran away with my best writer and married her. now shes planting chestnuts on the farm

Laid Back Lounge / Re: Petrol head thread!!!
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 01:59:43 AM
next month we go to maine.

 ill run the 1965 triumph 650 in modified pushrod gasoline, MPG 650/4.

my son has messed up the little ninja 250, so i have informed him that if we cannot get it fixed tomorrow or soon after, he is going to ride the real motorcycle and run for 140 instead of 110.

at the moment the 650 is sitting on th elift with the motor out. i need to check the cam timing-- i want 106/109, and i dont know how much wear has changed that figure since i put the new cams in. i took the head off to re-anneal the copper head gasket, and said, wait a minute-- those holes are big.

id been running a 750 head gasket in the 650 motor. no problem, 76mm is fine on 71mm jugs, but the little gap reduces compression a bit.

im running 11.75 to 1, though, so maybe its negligibel.

ive pulled my long suffering ARD magneto, and ill be installing an electronic ignition with hall effect indiuction triggers. i like the old magneto, but i cannot argue that running the ignition on a rubber belt is not as exact as transistors. maybe ill get an extra 1 percent there.

im running the old spoked wheels because i havent had time to repar the cast wheels that self-destructed last time. and ill be running standard 112 octane fuel instead of the 116 octane methanol blend that didnt do me any good last time. the methanol didnt help me in the top end, whih is where i need help. i get to 131 mph, and the bike hits th ewind wall and wont go any faster. i need a bunch more oomph to go from 135 to 140, and i dont know where it has to come from.

i could do it in a heartbeat with a fairing or some nitromethane, but thats not where my head is.

i want to get there naked, and on gasoline.

so it s a conservative attempt
Politics / Re: Duke of Bullshit: "The" Do...
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 01:48:52 AM
i actually never thought anything would happen.

the charges are apparently serious. lets see where they go with them.
Forum Suggestions & Announcements / Re: Making News
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 01:46:29 AM
nobody has yet taken a vintage triumph 650 to 140 mph, unfaired, production frame, on gasoline, carburetted.

i go to maine next month.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 01:44:23 AM
Media / Re: What Are You Reading?
Last post by Anne D. - Today at 01:17:09 AM
Quote from: billy rubin on May 15, 2023, 12:35:41 AMback when i was a technical writer i used three or four major style manuals to cover what i needed.

computer writing was punctuation-sensitive and i wrote without typoes using correct speling too.

lots of rules, from that/which to the oxford comma to correct leading within ordered and unordered lists. and so on.

lots of anal retentive stuff

In another life I was a technical writer too. Chicago Manual of Style is my go to. I found Microsoft's style manual helpful for instructions dealing with any user interface. Had fun writing some in-house style guides. Sometimes I really miss doing that work.

Currently reading Ian Rankin's Knots and Crosses. Having a hard time getting through my books these days. I read at night in bed and either fall asleep after a couple pages or reread the same page mindlessly over and over while thinking about work.
Media / Re: What Are You Reading?
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 12:52:06 AM
Quote from: Icarus on June 09, 2023, 11:18:52 PMRereading The Hacking Of The American Mind. How big business cons us into believing whatever they want us to believe. That persuasion is cleverly orchestrated and eventually profitable. We are also conned by politicians and religious leaders. Persuasive bullshit rules.

Persuasion is an art.
Politics / Re: Duke of Bullshit: "The" Do...
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 12:08:10 AM
He really should be indicted for treason.