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Ethics / Re: The Emotional Atheist
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:33:21 AM
To live is the best revenge.
Art / Re: beauty
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:22:23 AM
Love conquers all things. - Virgil
"About last night (A Haiku)" gets more attention where it is, therefore it should be left alone. On the other hand, I still think that "The Art and things we've made thread" should be moved to the Art section and possibly pinned.
Ask HAF / Re: Graduation Speech
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 04:16:23 AM
were i a valedictorian and was told by some adminstrator that they were going to police my speech, i would nod politely and say what i wanted anyway.

if they wanted to make a scene i would cooperate fully and make it epic.
Ask HAF / Re: Graduation Speech
Last post by Recusant - Today at 03:49:02 AM
Splendid to see you here again Waski_the_Squirrel. I thought of you relatively recently:)

As for this issue, assuming you're teaching at a public school I think you have good reason to be steamed. The valedictorian speech as described sounds like a bit more than ceremonial deism. You may have seen the news about the valedictorian who was prevented from wearing a sash that had the US flag and the Mexican flag because a valedictorian speech "qualifies as school-sponsored speech, at least for the duration of the ceremony." Of course it is up to the school administration how they would approach the question. Since the speech has already been given, not sure what could be done aside from laying down some guidelines on future valedictorian speeches.
Media / Re: What books have you read m...
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 03:10:53 AM
that book does grow on  you.

a lost world.
Media / Re: If I were a book...
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 03:10:06 AM
if i wrre a book, wyeth would illustrate me.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: what have you never done?
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 03:08:24 AM
Quote from: Dark Lightning on May 28, 2023, 08:24:14 PMNever-
. . .
Paid for a prostitute

the prostitutes dont charge you?

are you that handsome?
Media / Re: On Parody
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 03:04:36 AM
I think too much, therefore there is too much of me.
Ask HAF / Re: Graduation Speech
Last post by billy rubin - Today at 03:03:34 AM
hi waski

in my opinion

for what it is worth

if i might be so bold as to say . . .

a valedictorian ought to be compltely free to say whatever he or she wants, so long as its legal and  doesnt advocate harming other people.

its his speech. hes the valedictorian and earned his 15 minutes. if he wants to spend the time talking about how space aliens penetrated his bottom with interstellar vegetables, i say go for it.

dont clap, dont stand. thats your contribution to the free speech conversation.