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Atheism and the holidays

Started by Libera, November 17, 2008, 03:38:15 AM

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Someone told me once that proving Santa Claus is easier than proving God.
"Think as I think," said a man,
"Or you are abominably wicked;
You are a toad."

And after I had thought of it,
I said, "I will, then, be a toad."

-Stephen Crane

A Toad


Quote from: "chuff"Someone told me once that proving Santa Claus is easier than proving God.
That's true. There's some evidence to support the existence of Nicholas of Myra, the early Christian Saint that is now more commonly known as Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus).
I want bad people to look forward to and celebrate the day I die, because if they don't, I'm not living up to my potential.


Quote from: "Zarathustra"What's in a name anyway? Especially when it refers to something that only exists in human imagination.

It has always amused me that Santa's and Satan's names are made up of the same letters just a little mixed up. I believe that this simply can't be a coincidence, however, its amusing to see other peoples take on whether it is or is not. :confused:
To those who are overly cautious, everything seems impossible.


Since the "Christian" holidays have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity anyway, there really is no reason to avoid celebrating them with your family.

Unless I missed the passage in the Bible describing how Jesus' zombie was seen eating rabbit eggs...