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HAF App for iPhone

Started by wildfire_emissary, January 25, 2011, 12:04:48 PM

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Is there a Mobile app for this forum...i love reading it and was wondering if that is possible?/ does it exist?


No dedicated app for it...yet. Best thing for viewing the forum on your phone right now is Tapatalk. Try it.
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Quote from: "terranus"viewing the forum on your phone right now is Tapatalk. Try it.

Is that actually working?


I tried taptalk, forum runner, and the one from vbulletin. It looks like HAF needs to be included in their list of forums. I can't add other forums not found in the list. Like the sites are pre-installed in the apps. :hmm:
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Well I sent the Tapatalk people an email asking for this forum to be included which I naively thought would happen rather quickly...but I guess it's the forum owner that has to make the request, not some random joe schmuck like me. So, uh, Whitney....when you get some free time...pretty please?  :D

It's free and it says it works with PHPbb.
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