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Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by Me_Be - April 05, 2024, 03:35:23 PM
Quote from: The Magic Pudding.. on April 03, 2024, 01:19:11 PMThe mind makes up shit to appear cool since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown

All that is known is the unknown.

That which is not yet known can eventually become known. But that which is unknowable can never be known.
Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 01:30:18 PM
The Moon is pretty much a "solid lump" of moon. Mars - not far behind. Yes, planets - the Earth among them - eventually cool, their mantles and cores solidify enough and... "No" more magnetosphere. That's pretty much how it goes.

I have no idea if that's how the biosphere is likely to meet its doom, or if it will stick around to witness the Sun going red giant on this planet's bottom, but yeah... The Universe is "out to kill" life. Fortunately for life, it tends to operate on such time scales, as may just be enough for life to destroy itself before the Universe can ever get to it. :smilenod:

[EDIT:]Also, while The Asmo is being peeved by pseudoprofundities, you know how they say soemthing to the tune of more people having been to space than to the bottom of the ocean? Well, fucking duuh! Yes, it is not as trivial (all other concerns such as actually being alive while at it excluded) to get to space and back as it is to sink to the abyssal plain, then cut the ballast, but "all" you have to do once you arrive in space is have a vessel capable of holding one atmosphere of pressure in an unpressurised environment. It's "the same" as holding two atmospheres at sea level. A pop bottle or a soda can can do it. At the bottom of the sea, the vessel has to be capable of maintaining that same atmospheric pressure in an environment where the ambient pressure is orders upon orders of magnitude greater than that. "one tiny leak," and you're fucked. It's not all there is to it, of course, it's just that maybe, all things considered, it's actually easier to get to space in some meaningful way than it is to sink to the bottom of the sea and that while astronomically (pun intended) expensive, the potential return on investment is more attractive in space travel than sub-sea exploration.
Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by zorkan - April 05, 2024, 01:17:51 PM
True, we do have data about the crust, like we understand the width of the peel of an apple.
I've descended in a cage 300 feet into a disused coal mine (Big Pit), and it was dark.
Go further down 2000 miles to see the core and it might be as hot as the sun.
Could the Earth stop spinning and the magnetic field be cut off?
Life would die. But so what, this planet is already a graveyard for all life.
Get life while you can, I say.
Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 12:45:04 PM
Quote from: zorkan on April 05, 2024, 12:10:08 PMWe know more about the surface of Mars than what lies beneath us.
That tired old adage is at best a matter of perspective, I think.

What specifically are you referring to? "Terabytes" of data gathered on the subject in total? The quality of terrain mapping? Positions of mineral deposits? Air/liquid streams and such like? Who's even "we?" Humanity? NASA? The faculty of geology at a given university?

We do have a LOT of data on the Earth's crust, and while it is possible that we have comparatively more on the surface of Mars, that calls for specification and verification, which I, for one, have never seen materialise with any such claims. (for instance, "we know more about the Moon than we do about the deep ocean." Same problem. In my opinion, it's just something people parrot because it sounds profound. At least, everyone I've ever pressed on the matter had to fold like wet toilet paper)
Laid Back Lounge / Re: A cute little word game
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 12:12:29 PM
The Asmo achieved new heights of Great-and-Terribleness by finding 12 pangrams in today's puzzle.

Blossom Puzzle, April 5
Letters: A E L I R S T
My score: 381 points
My longest word: 11 letters
 💐 🌼 💮 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌻 🌺 🏵 💐 🌼

He did min/max a little by reusing roots and using plurals here and there to achieve that, true, but still. He is pleased with His divine Self. :smilenod:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by zorkan - April 05, 2024, 12:10:08 PM
Current Events / Re: oldest book in the world f...
Last post by billy rubin - April 05, 2024, 11:58:12 AM
dunno its history, but anything made of paper that survived that long has to have one
Religion / Re: Christian Nonduality
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 07:57:01 AM
Quote from: zorkan on April 04, 2024, 01:28:23 PMBrain anatomy is quite a subject and we are still trying to understand it.
This calls for a mini-rant over one of The Asmo's oldest pet peeves, so... Not addressing you specifically.

Have you noticed how common a sentiment "we are still trying to understand the brain/mind" is when compared to similar sentiments relating to gravity, evolution, chemistry and so forth?

Yes, the things brain does and the ways in which it does them contain several areas of active research, but so do those other things I mentioned and many - many others besides.

"We" understand brain anatomy. As long as there is the next question, however, what we are trying to do, is increase the degree of said understanding. Learn more. Those are not mutually exclusive.
Life As An Atheist / Re: Does atheism have anything...
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 07:17:49 AM
Yeah, but to be fair, if they fulfilled those threats on the Internet, it would have been a crime reducing force like no other.
Current Events / Re: oldest book in the world f...
Last post by Asmodean - April 05, 2024, 06:50:04 AM
That would have been a neat thing to own. :smilenod:

Way outside my price bracket's masturbatory fantasies, I suspect, but still...