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Suicidal atheists.

Started by jumbojak, August 16, 2012, 10:21:34 PM

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As someone who deals with depression, and suicidal thoughts, I have recently joined a support forum. Much to my suprise, there are quite a few atheists on the board. I guess my suprise is unwarranted, ( crazy people come from all walks of life ) however I was shocked to hear that most find that life is even worse without a God watching over them.

In my case it's exactly the opposite: the idea that there is no cosmic overlord is one of the few things in life that gives me a sense of peace. The idea that we aren't accountable to some higher power, and that the choices we make in life are really our own brings me a greater feeling of joy than anything I have experienced thus far. It's better than sex, if you can believe that.

When I encounter atheists who can't seem to cope with their new freedom, I'm at a loss. The handful of other atheists on the board always recommend that the new guy read Richard Dawkins, and I can tell you from personal experience that Dawkins is not the kind of writing a disturbed mind needs to be introduced to.

I try to point them to more positive authors and speakers. Shelly Kagan in particular has been a great aid to me, and I'm wondering if anyone else has some suggestions. It's just too much to ask a suicidal person to read about the pointless indifference of the world. What seems to be needed is a more cheerfull sense of non-belief. Any ideas?

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