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Title: Interview With Ron Reagan
Post by: Recusant on January 17, 2020, 03:52:55 PM
For the past few years, occasionally on a limited number of television channels in the US, an advertisement by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has got on the air. It features Ron Reagan (late president Ronald Reagan's son) talking about separation of church and state and asking viewers to support the FFRF. Linked below is an interview with him, in which he attempts to defend his father (and fails, in my opinion) as well as talking about the importance of opposing Donald Trump and Trump's cultivation of the Christian bigot demographic.

"Ron Reagan: My Father, Ronald Reagan, Would Not Want Republicans to Vote for 'Traitor' Trump in 2020" | The Daily Beast (https://www.thedailybeast.com/ron-reagan-says-his-father-ronald-reagan-would-not-want-republicans-to-vote-for-traitor-trump-in-2020?ref=home)

QuoteAmid the rumbling drama of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders' antipathy over what he did or didn't say about a female president, Pete Buttigieg's low energy, Joe Biden watching the clock over his allotted time, Amy Klobuchar's laconic wit, and Tom Steyer's devotion to plaid, the CNN/Des Moines Register Democratic debate this week featured a striking scene-stealer in the commercial breaks.

There, a 2015 ad for the Freedom From Religion Foundation aired once again, featuring Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, declaring himself an "unabashed atheist," alarmed "at the intrusions of religion into secular government."

He said he supported the FFRF in its mission to keep "state and church separate, just like the founding fathers intended." He signed off the commercial with the mic drop-worthy "Ron Reagan. Lifelong atheist. Not afraid of burning in hell."

The contrast with Reagan's father could not be starker. As president, Ronald Reagan welcomed the "Moral Majority" evangelical vote. It flourished under his presidency—and President Trump benefits from and courts that same support today. Under President Reagan, church and state became inextricably intertwined and have remained so, with the Trump administration's backing of "religious freedom" and "religious liberty" as battering rams against LGBTQ rights and reproductive choice.

Now Reagan's son—who traces the start of his atheism to his childhood—campaigns to separate church and state, two pillars his father helped meld.

[Continues . . . (https://www.thedailybeast.com/ron-reagan-says-his-father-ronald-reagan-would-not-want-republicans-to-vote-for-traitor-trump-in-2020?ref=home)]
Title: Re: Interview With Ron Reagan
Post by: Old Seer on January 19, 2020, 06:36:52 PM
Not to prefer to side with Trump or any other, why is it that all the accusations of his supposed misdeeds haven't been proven. This guy says Trumps a traitor, but can he explain what his treasonous act(s) have been. If I have any sidings with Trump it seems he's trying to keep the US the US.
It's unavoidable that religion gets mixed in with government as they are both governmental. They both rely on trust in a being or beings. One has a supreme super human entity and the other has people governing. I haven't noticed to much difference between their governance. It's obvious that neither is governing any better or different the the other. So, I must conclude that what is understood to be "secular" is really no different then religious. Either The super religious leader isn't super human, or, the people running secular government are also superhuman, or neither is. I opt for the latter.

So, what I and my contemporaries see is very plain. The people of the planet won't be at peace until Atheism wins the day. As long as the two governments have been around for a few thousand years and have shown no improvement---try your own.