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Forum Suggestions & Announcements / Re: Making News
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 07:44:15 AM
Star Trek is an amusement and no more.
Politics / Re: Duke of Bullshit: "The" Do...
Last post by Recusant - Today at 06:03:33 AM
The indictment is good reading, if you have the time.

On Document cloud


The bloated mountebank may face some consequences but his faithful will still vote for him. He could get back into office even if convicted.
Art / Re: beauty
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:29:45 AM
Quote from: The Magic Pudding. on June 03, 2023, 12:17:12 PMYes, if you are a man, not if you are a woman
Quote from: MarcusA on June 03, 2023, 11:21:00 AMWhat is beautiful? A woman.

Not A woman
All women
If they taught cunnilingus in high schools there would be no Karen meme.

Not all women are beautiful.
Philosophy / Re: George Orwell's anticleric...
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:11:08 AM
Who could Big Brother be but God.
Science / Re: All things brain...
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:05:38 AM
Quote from: billy rubin on June 09, 2023, 12:10:56 AM

octopuses and all the cephalopods have always fasvcinated me.

most definitions of "non human intelligence" boil down to "similar to human."

not these guys.

I love Cuttlefish, moody little bastards.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: What's on your mind today?
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 05:02:16 AM
Emma Thompson was a bit of thinking man's crumpet before she became too old.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: what'ss for dinner?
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 04:33:00 AM
What's for dinner? British sausages made in Australia.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Reasons to be cheerful!
Last post by MarcusA - Today at 04:30:28 AM
I'm fine. As my Mum used to say, You're not fine, otherwise you wouldn't say that you're fine. Mum logic, you can't beat it.
Politics / Re: Duke of Bullshit: "The" Do...
Last post by Dark Lightning - Today at 03:42:50 AM
I suspect that the result won't be punitive enough for my tastes. Why politicians get a bye for waving classified info around in public (i.e., the latest with empty G taking classified info and waving it around on camera) is beyond me. I'd be in prison in administrative segregation (where the spies and baby-rapers end up) if I'd done that.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Petrol head thread!!!
Last post by Dark Lightning - Today at 03:37:43 AM
Quote from: billy rubin on Today at 01:59:43 AMnext month we go to maine.

 ill run the 1965 triumph 650 in modified pushrod gasoline, MPG 650/4.

my son has messed up the little ninja 250, so i have informed him that if we cannot get it fixed tomorrow or soon after, he is going to ride the real motorcycle and run for 140 instead of 110.

at the moment the 650 is sitting on th elift with the motor out. i need to check the cam timing-- i want 106/109, and i dont know how much wear has changed that figure since i put the new cams in. i took the head off to re-anneal the copper head gasket, and said, wait a minute-- those holes are big.

id been running a 750 head gasket in the 650 motor. no problem, 76mm is fine on 71mm jugs, but the little gap reduces compression a bit.

im running 11.75 to 1, though, so maybe its negligibel.

ive pulled my long suffering ARD magneto, and ill be installing an electronic ignition with hall effect indiuction triggers. i like the old magneto, but i cannot argue that running the ignition on a rubber belt is not as exact as transistors. maybe ill get an extra 1 percent there.

im running the old spoked wheels because i havent had time to repar the cast wheels that self-destructed last time. and ill be running standard 112 octane fuel instead of the 116 octane methanol blend that didnt do me any good last time. the methanol didnt help me in the top end, whih is where i need help. i get to 131 mph, and the bike hits th ewind wall and wont go any faster. i need a bunch more oomph to go from 135 to 140, and i dont know where it has to come from.

i could do it in a heartbeat with a fairing or some nitromethane, but thats not where my head is.

i want to get there naked, and on gasoline.

so it s a conservative attempt

Good on you for an honest attempt on your terms. Have you considered adding an octane booster containing tetraethyl lead? And yes, use the proper head gasket(s). I know you know it- records are made with a ton of tiny incremental changes that concatenate. You've enough experience that maybe the few small changes you are making will do the trick. Be sure and pack all the wheel bearings before you go.  :D