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What is a happy athiest to YOU ... Lets make some statements

Started by rickymooston, February 07, 2008, 05:27:54 AM

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Quote from: "susangail"oh the joys of being an Atheist (coming from a former Christian)...
- I'm bipolar and now I have no guilt for being on prescription drugs rather than 'trusting in God'

Wow what church you went to? Scary.

Quote- living how I want to live and not how I'm told I should live
- living life to its fullest, not just passing by with hopes of a better afterlife
- I don't have to hate Darwin
- I can say I hate someone, not strongly dislike
- freedom
- indescribable peace
Just to name a few. There are so many reasons I'm a happy Atheist.

seems for you atheism was liberating and that was happiness in itself.


Quote from: "ShimShamSam"Hey I'm new here
... Also it would be nice if I wasn't constantly attacked for my beliefs. I don't mind a good debate, and usually win on this subject, but its pointless because neither side will change viewpoints. So what would make me happy is to live in piece with my atheism.....

Yeah, fair enough.

I suspect part of being a happy atheist is to accept that there are theists who are trying to push their beliefs on people. I mean you can counter them but at a certain level I doubt letting their tactics bug you is conducive to happiness. That said my cousin is simply very aggressive about her ateism and people are afraid to talk to her about religion. Shes pretty happy but she lives in canada.

debating those who are willing to debate? Mabye ok.