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What do you hold sacred?

Started by LARA, June 30, 2008, 09:10:22 PM

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Quote from: "McQ"Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Really.

And I hold these, just as some people who were smarter than me did, as self evident. Sacred, but in the non-religious sense.
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Here's a picture of what I hold sacred:

There are things that I consider important, things I wouldn't want to live without, things I truly enjoy, but nothing I consider "sacred." Maybe I'm just too postmodern, who knows. Just seems that anything we hold sacred could, as we're not tied by dogma, fall out of favor by changing in such a way that we no longer agree with or view them as important.

Also, not to cause waves, but how can something be "sacred" in a non-religious sense? Oxford English Dictionary:

Quote from: "OED"sacred, a. and n.

A. adj.

    {dag}1. Of the Eucharistic elements: Consecrated.

    2. (Followed by to.)    a. Consecrated to; esteemed especially dear or acceptable to a deity.

    b. Dedicated, set apart, exclusively appropriated to some person or some special purpose.

    3. a. Of things, places, of persons and their offices, etc.: Set apart for or dedicated to some religious purpose, and hence entitled to veneration or religious respect; made holy by association with a god or other object of worship; consecrated, hallowed.

    b. sacred book, writing, etc.: one of those in which the laws and teachings of a religion are embodied. sacred history: the history contained in the Bible. sacred number: a number (esp. seven) to which is attributed a peculiar depth of significance in religious symbolism. sacred poetry: poetry concerned with religious themes. sacred music: music which accompanies sacred words or which has a certain solemn character of its own. sacred concert: a concert of sacred music. Sacred Blood, the blood of Christ. sacred orders [eccl. L. ordines sacri], the holy or major orders.

    c. rarely of a deity: Venerable, holy.

    d. Applied as a specific defining adj. to various animals and plants that are or have been considered sacred to certain deities.

    4. transf. and fig. Regarded with or entitled to respect or reverence similar to that which attaches to holy things.

    b. esp. as an epithet of royalty. Now chiefly Hist. or arch.; formerly often in the phrase His (her, your) most Sacred Majesty.

    c. in sarcastic use.

    5. a. Secured by religious sentiment, reverence, sense of justice, or the like, against violation, infringement, or encroachment.

    b. Of a person (hence of his office): Having a religiously secured immunity from violence or attachment; sacrosanct, inviolable.

    c. With from: Protected by some sanction from injury or incursion.

    d. fig. Devoted to some purpose, not to be lightly intruded upon or handled.

    6. Accursed. [After L. sacer; freq. translating or in allusion to Virgil's auri saca fames (Æn. III. 57).] Now rare.

    7. Special collocations. {dag}sacred artery (see quot.). sacred axe, a mark on Chinese porcelain, supposed to designate warriors. sacred band Gr. Hist., a body consisting of 300 young nobles, who formed part of the permanent military force of Thebes from 379 B.C. sacred bark [Sp. cáscara sagrada], the bark of Rhamnus Purshianus of California, used as a tonic aperient. sacred circle, an exclusive company, an élite. sacred college (see COLLEGE n. 1). sacred egoism = SACRO EGOISMO. {dag}sacred elixir = sacred tincture. {dag}Sacred Empire, the Holy Roman Empire. sacred fire [L. sacer ignis, see HOLY FIRE], erysipelas. sacred malady [L. sacer morbus], epilepsy (Syd. Soc. Lex. 1897). sacred month, place (see quots.). {dag}sacred tincture [= mod.L. tinctura sacra: see Chambers Cycl. Supp. (1753) s.v. Aloes], a preparation of rhubarb and aloes. {dag}sacred vein [L. vena sacra] (see quot.). Sacred War (see WAR). sacred way, a route used by religious processions, pilgrims, etc.

    {dag}B. n. pl. [after L. sacra neut. pl.] Obs.

    1. Sacred rites or solemnities.

    2. Things consecrated or offered in sacrifice to the gods.

    3. Sacred utensils or vessels.

The bold definition seems like the only one that could fit. But even then, it's a sub-definition referring to something being held as quality by a deity. Maybe I'm over-thinking this.  :|


Curio, you wise guy! I waited like 15 seconds for a picture to appear. Then it dawned on me.  :lol:
Elvis didn't do no drugs!
--Penn Jillette


Quote from: "curiosityandthecat"There are things that I consider important, things I wouldn't want to live without, things I truly enjoy, but nothing I consider "sacred." Maybe I'm just too postmodern, who knows. Just seems that anything we hold sacred could, as we're not tied by dogma, fall out of favor by changing in such a way that we no longer agree with or view them as important.
Dude! You got me too! I thought something was wrong with my computer cause the pic was just black.... Thanks McQ, I still don't think I would have gotten it.... Anyway, well said curio, never thought of it that way. I didn't take "sacred" too literally. I just took it as things I value, but I like where you're coming from.
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While acknowledging that there is nothing "sacred" to the universe but to me self aware life is "sacred" and I won't do anything unnecessary to end it or impede is "happiness" in another self aware individual.


Just a note since this thread still seems to be picking up comments on occaision, I thought the definitions were a good point and meant the term sacred in a secular/metaphorical sense. I used the word more by connotation rather than denotation.  I'm not trying to catch anyone in a trap here and say "Hah! you believe this is sacred therefore....blah blah blah."  I simply found the strength of the word appropriate.  If you have a term that would be quick, short and still have as much emotional impact as the word sacred, then by all means.
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Unfortunately I'm much too pessimistic to hold anything sacred.


Sacred, eh..?

*looks at sig*

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