Dallas Fort Worth Coalition of Reason Bus Sign Campaign

Started by Whitney, September 17, 2009, 03:11:11 AM

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Leaders of the member groups of DFWCoR have decided what to do with funds left over from our very successful billboard campaign last spring.  (There is about $1,500. in Metroplex Atheists’ treasury that has been allocated to future DFWCoR sign campaigns.  This is not enough for even one billboard.)  

The money will be used to place signs on Dart buses in Dallas and on “T” buses in Fort Worth.  (Pressure from Metroplex Atheist Vice Chairman Randy Word caused the “T” to finally, reluctantly accept our signs.)  To be effective Dart representatives say we should put signs on twenty buses in each city.  We have enough to put signs on two buses each.  

In the meantime we found out that the United Coalition of Reason is helping to promote Harvard University Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein’s book Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe to be released late in October.

The author will promote his book all over the country and wants to stop here.  Our idea is to put signs on buses to coordinate with his visit to increase the newsworthiness of both events.  We think we will get much better “bang for our buck” in the media by combining the two.  This will probably be mid-December so the signs would be up over Christmas.  They would carry the book theme, probably something like “Good Without God, Millions of Americans Are”

The book tour schedule has not been finalized.  If we can’t coordinate with the tour’s timing, we will use our leftover money and any additional money contributed to put up as many bus signs as we can.  
Of course we want as many “Good Without God” signs as possible roaming the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth so we are announcing a new fundraising campaign to pay for the kind of media exposure we had last spring.  

So please help create some rational “Good Without God” excitement in December by contributing to our bus sign campaign.  Go to http://www.metroplexatheists.org and click on the “Donate” link under “Donate to the Metroplex Atheist Billboard Fund for the DFW Coalition of Reason!”  All contributions to Metroplex Atheists are tax deductible.

Let’s make another big splash in the media and show believers in the Metroplex that no matter what they call us, Atheists, Freethinkers, Humanists or Brights, we’re still here and we’re good without god.

Terry McDonald
DFW Coalition of Reason